Spanish Language Schools in Spain located in Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga

Markus decided to make Málaga his new home. In order to improve his Spanish, he attended an intensive course in Seville, participated in online language courses by CLIC and is currently a language student in Málaga. Welcome Markus and thank you for offering your time to answer some of our questions!

How did you found CLIC?                                                                                                                                        

By internet, I just googled (He laughs). I wanted to go to Seville and was looking for the school with the best reviews. And I can agree them – the reviews are great and they really reflect the quality of CLIC.

What makes CLIC a good language school?                                                                                         

That’s several things! On the one hand, the size of the classes, I have experienced other languages schools with much bigger classes and here at CLIC the classes have only 5-7 students, which I find extremely important. Then it is a school where the professors are always well prepared and enthusiastically teach Spanish. Their Spanish lessons are not only about the language, but also about the culture and country. And what is the highlight for me is that you have a wonderful cultural programme that is integrated into the lessons of the language school that means that you do activities during the week and don’t just see each other in the classroom.

Do you have a favorite activity of the cultural programme?                                                                          

I actually liked all of the things I did, but what I especially enjoyed were the weekend excursions. Before Covid-19 there were often 100 participants in several groups, so you get to know new people and you also drive out a bit – it is a good opportunity if you are here without a car.

Regarding the Covid-19 pandemic: do you feel safe with CLIC?                                                         

Absolutely – I feel safe! CLIC adheres to all precautionary measures, for example hygiene standards are maintained, masks are worn, classrooms are equipped to allow spacing and offices have safety screens. And in addition, online language courses are offered to those who feel unsafe. I would like to add to this: Covid-19 has hit the language schools in Málaga extremely hard and CLIC has been one of the few school to continue teaching online during this time.

In your opinion, are the online courses comparable in quality to the face-to-face courses? 

Definitely – there is no difference! The only things that are missing, if you are not staying in Spain, are the ambience and daily speaking with Spaniards. I think CLIC has discovered a new kind of Spanish teaching and may be going to keep those language courses. I met for example friends here, who continued to learn online after they returned to their home countries.

Are there any differences between CLIC Málaga and CLIC Sevilla?                                                     

I don’t think so – the quality is absolutely the same. The cities offer different things, Seville is more historical and there are more museums there and in Málaga you can find the beach and a different ambience. Both have their charm! What I don’t like is Seville in the summer (He laughs) – it’s just too hot for me!

Would you recommend both – CLIC Málaga and CLIC Sevilla?                                                            

Absolutely – no question about it! I also met students who have attended several language courses, spending a few weeks at CLIC Málaga and some at CLIC Sevilla, or CLIC Cádiz – that is also possible.

Do you have a favorite Spanish dish?                                                                                                            

It’s actually Paella Valenciana – I totally love it and can even cook it myself by now!

Can you recommend a Restaurant in Málaga?                                                                                        

The Chiringuitos at the sea are great – for example Caleta Playa. And Blanca recommended a very classic Spanish Restaurant: Meson Mariano. I have been there already a few times.

Do you have a favorite place in Seville or Málaga?

Oh yes! In Seville it is the Plaza de la España and not far from it a smaller square called “Plaza de Doña Elvira”, which is surrounded by small orange trees. And here in Málaga it is the Café Central and the bars and restaurants on the seafront in Pedregalejo. But in principle there are so many beautiful places, it is difficult to decide!

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