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DELE Exam Courses in Malaga

Certify your Spanish

Obtain your Spanish diploma with our DELE exam courses in Malaga

Our DELE Exam Courses in Malaga will greatly improve your chances of success in the official DELE examination.

DELE exam: your official certificate in Spanish

DELE, Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera is very useful as an official certification which can be used when applying for work or studies in Spanish speaking countries. Beyond the obvious benefits, the DELE diploma is both a good incentive for when you are studying Spanish, and a nice reward to recognise your efforts.

Basic facts about the DELE Exam:

– The DELE diploma is issued by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture and the Cervantes Institute.
– Each year more than 30,000 candidates worldwide take the exam in one of the 1,000 examination centres.
– The DELE exam is administered on average three times per year, usually in May, July, and November. To make sure of the dates, you can always double check at: Exam dates

DELE examination content:

Be prepared for four parts:
1: Reading
2: Writing
3: Listening
4: Speaking

The duration varies depending on the level of the exam. If you want to find out exactly, here’s a link to where to find out: Exam structure

DELE exam preparation course with CLIC IH Málaga

We organize a four week Spanish Intensive DELE preparation course three times a year in Malaga, four weeks before the exam. This DELE course is made up of 30 classes per week, 20 sessions focus on your general level and 10 focus directly on exam strategies and tips.
Our DELE Exam Courses in Malaga prepare you for the following levels:
– A2, B1, B2, C1 for the May course
– A2, B1, B2, C1 for the July course
– A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2 for the November course

Take the first steps yourself

Open the link below to find samples of the DELE exam: Sample exams

Preparation for DELE Official Exams

Certify your Spanish level with the official DELE Exam. The DELE is issued by the Cervantes institute, which accredits your competence in the language. This course focuses on tips and strategies designed to help you pass the exam.


30 lessons per week, 50 min each, 9:15 to 15:10 (30 lessons)

Minimum 2 weeks


Minimum age 17


A2 – C1

6 to 10 students per class

Take the DELE exam courses in Malaga with CLIC International House

CLIC International House Malaga offers DELE Preparation courses for the A2, B1, B1 escolar, B2, C1, and C2 DELE exam. You can register officially by clicking on the button below.

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 Spanish Level Test

Take this short test to get an estimate of your level of Spanish


Dates and Prices

DELE Preparation

Classes / Week
41183.00 €
NotesOption 1: 1183€, 4 weeks, 30 classes/semaine, 09:15-15:10
Option 2: 408€, 4 weeks, 10 classes/semaine, 13:30-15:10

Exam dates

25/05: levels A2-C1
12/07: levels A2-C1
23/11: levels A2-C2

Exam fee not included (150€ - 210€ approx.)

SIELE Preparation

Classes / Week
1149.00 €
2298.00 €
NotesMonday to Thursday 17.30-19:10. The course starts every Monday from 4 February. SIELE exam fee not included, approx 55€ per module. 155€ complete exam. Exam date: End of each course all year round.
Malaga cultural programme

Cultural Programme

Experience Spain like never before. Our wide range of immersive activities will help you get to know Spanish culture in an authentic and unforgettable way.

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