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Private Spanish Classes in Malaga

Personalised classes for 1 or 2 students at a rhythm and timetable that suits you

Choose Spanish Private Classes in Malaga and make the most of your stay in Spain.

Lessons/Week 50 min each
Schedule Flexible
Students/Class 1-2
Levels A1-C2
Minimum age All ages

Spanish Private Classes in Malaga

If you have a specific area you would like to work on – a theme, an exam issue, Spanish for travel, for business or a grammar point you don’t quite understand, Spanish Private Classes in Malaga could be the perfect option for you. Whether you are studying here, traveling through or live here full time, find out more about how we can help. And these classes can be for you one to one, or with 2 students if you want to come with someone else who shares your level and objectives.

Private Spanish Classes in Malaga

Dates and prices 2023-2024

NB These classes come in a pack of 5 minimum.


Spanish private lessons 2023
Students lessons Price
1 5 220€
1 10 440€
1 20 860€
2 5 142€
2 10 284€
2 20 540€


Spanish private lessons 2024
Students lessons Price
1 5 230€
1 10 460€
1 20 900€
2 5 150€
2 10 300€
2 20 580€

About the Spanish course


Why take Spanish Private Classes in Malaga?

Often we are pushed for time, have a very specific language learning objective or a relatively inflexible timetable. To deal with this situation, here at Clic International House Malaga, we offer two options for our Spanish Private Classes.
– Private classes for 1
– Private classes for 2
These classes can be bought in packs of 5 x 50 mins – so that we can really tackle whatever problem you wish to solve.
Add to that our fantastic school, expert teachers and the buzzing city of Malaga with sun, sea and so much more – and you’ll see why this could be your ideal place to study.

What is better, classes for 1 or classes for 2?

That totally depends on you and what you need.

Private classes for 1

People often select Private Classes for 1 when they have a very clear personal objective with a specific deadline. Or perhaps you are on an Intensive Spanish Course in Malaga and you have reached a stumbling block regarding a certain grammar area and want to just add on a few classes to give you a bit of extra support and clarification. Or you are taking an exam and what to brush up on exam skills. In those cases, maybe the Private Class for 1 is for you.

Private classes for 2

Sometimes, it can be more fun to come along with a friend or classmate of a similar level. That way, you can work together, practice and have fun – at the same time as having plenty of attention from your teacher. Only you can decide!

How do I organize my Spanish Private Classes in Malaga?

Get in touch with us and let us know your specific needs, your Spanish level (you can take a level test here if you’re not sure) and the timetable you have.

Once we know all of that, we will look for a teacher to suit your requirements.

Is the timetable totally flexible?

Yes. Let us know what works for you and we will try to adapt.

And where do the classes take place?

That also depends on you. We often recommend our modern school here in the center as it offers you lots of advantages in terms of classroom technology etc. But we are flexible!

Why do the Private Spanish Classes in Malaga come in bundles of five classes?

Simple. To really solve a problem and get to know you and your needs, to have time to evaluate whether the learning is sticking and to ensure you really do progress!

Does the course include materials?

Depending on your requirements. If the teacher believes you will benefit from buying supplementary materials, they will let you know.

David Riddell
David Riddell
The best language school in Sevilla.
Sheila Mitchell
Sheila Mitchell
Wonderful location. Lovely flat. Fantastic terrace
agnes winter
agnes winter
Zowel op locatie als online lessen gevolgd. Prima prijs kwaliteit verhouding. Fijne docenten en goede lessen. Veel geleerd. Ik kom zeker weer terug.
Julian Richardson
Julian Richardson
CLIC Sevilla is a wonderful language school. The staff are very friendly and helpful. This summer was the second time I took Spanish classes there. Both times were very enjoyable and productive. As a bonus, they have a very nice building.
Aurore Portejoie
Aurore Portejoie
Super école ! Expérience enrichissante ! Je recommande à tous ceux qui veulent allier l'apprentissage de l'espagnol et la découverte de la culture associée !
Miriam Rodriguez
Miriam Rodriguez
Super Lernambiete. Sehr gutes, alltagsbezogenes Lernkonzept. Reden, reden, reden unter super Anleitung steht hier im Vordergrund. Nette und kompetente Lehrer. Prima Rahmenprogramm und ergänzende Freizeitaktivitäten. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und habe für den Herbst eine weitere Woche gebucht.

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