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Grammar and Conversation Classes in Malaga

Improve your accuracy and fluency while having fun.

Grammar and Conversation Spanish Courses in CLIC MalagaGrammar and conversation in Malaga

Maybe you have been attending one of our Intensive Courses and you fancy a little extra help with grammatical accuracy and fluency when you speak? Or perhaps you are here in Malaga and want to attend these flexible classes where you will practice a grammar point alongside speaking strategies? Whatever your motive, these are fun and flexible classes where you explore and deepen your grammar, vocabulary and communication skills.

Why take Grammar and Conversation Classes in Malaga?

Lots of reasons! They are fun, flexible and really informative. You learn a lot and get to meet new people and explore role-plays, speaking strategies and improve your accuracy and precision.

What is the timetable?

Classes are bought in a bundle of one-week minimum with classes every day from 13.30 to 15.10.

Can I suggest content for the classes?

Of course! One of the great things about these classes is that you can make suggestions about what you would like to study. Our experienced teachers love to deliver the classes you want and need and are fully trained to give you great service!

Does the course include materials?

Yes. Your teacher will bring along the materials that you need each day. And, if you want advice about a self-study book, we can offer that too. But you won’t need to buy anything for this course.

Monday to Friday 13.30 to 15.10
Grammar and conversation
Weeks Price
1 102€
2 204€
3 306€
4 408€
Dates: Any Monday (Beginners: See blue dates in the calendar)

NB One week course minimum.

Online Grammar and conversation
Weeks Price
1 99€
2 180€
3 265€
4 345€
Dates: 10/01/2022

Spanish Level Test

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Course Features

  • Duration 100 mins
  • Schedule 13.30 – 15.10
  • Classes every week day
  • Minimum bundle is one week
  • Flexible content
  • Graded by levels

I love everything about this school, from the location to the teacher to the activities. I spent 4 weeks and my level of Spanish really improved. They have a way to teach the hardest concepts in a easy way and I have come to love the subjunctive :) Also I really enjoy the emphasis on speaking and the fact that we don’t have to write notes for all of the lessons, as everything is in the book they provide.”

Cyril G


I was at CLIC Málaga for a week and it really was a wonderful experience. The teachers are super nice and the way the language is  taught is very efficient. They speak Spanish all throughout the lessons and it actually works for bettering your Spanish. Over all my stay at CLIC was amazing and I really recommend it to other foreign students. It’s really much like a real school, with loads of different nationalities and nice people.”

Marijke G