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Spanish for foreign residents in Malaga

The perfect way of learning Spanish for foreign residents living in Malaga.

Spanish Courses for Foreign Residents in CLIC MalagaOur Spanish for Foreign Residents in Malaga Course

We know that it can be tough when you move to a city, whether for work, to retire, for family reasons or just to change your life. Your language skills will be put to the test with real situations that you might not have foreseen. But it is fun too – when you know-how! And that is where our Learning Spanish for foreign residents living in Malaga comes in. We can guide you through the language, whatever your goal, and we can give you all the linguistic support you need to make your stay in Malaga a success.

How is this different to the intensive Spanish course?

Our course for learning Spanish for foreign residents living in Malaga is different from our intensive Spanish Courses in many ways. Firstly, the timetable is adapted to fit in around your daily life (the intensive courses run every morning which can be a bit too full-on if you are living here and have other commitments). With lessons just twice a week, you will have plenty of time to digest everything you’ve learned before your next class. (And do your homework of course!)
The students on the intensive course are often only here for relatively short visits, whereas your classmates will be other foreign residents here in Malaga. That means that they’ll understand your situation perfectly and – who knows – you might even make friends on your course too!

When do classes take place?

Classes take place twice a week and can be seamlessly slotted around your work or other studies. Depending on your Spanish level, lessons are offered two days a week: Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday and Thursday, or Wednesday and Friday at the following times:

  • 09:30 to 10:55
  • 11:20 to 13.00
  • 16:00 to 17:40
  • 17:40 to 19:30

You can decide the duration of the course yourself but normally our students opt for three months.

How big will my class be?

Your class will have between 6 and 10 students. This is ideal, as it means you will have a good number of classmates to do role plays, practice and make friends – but the class is small enough to ensure you have lots of attention from your expert native teacher.

Are materials included or do I have to buy a coursebook?

We don’t use a specific coursebook on this course, as your needs will change as a group and each student may wish to look at different areas. So your teacher will bring materials suited to your particular needs as a group as part of the course price. And if there is a book that would really be worth buying, to help you study inside or outside class, your teacher will recommend it to you as something separate.

What will I be studying?

In addition to working on your grammar and vocabulary, the Spanish for foreign residents in Malaga course will give you a deeper understanding of the local way of life too. We will explore customs, lifestyle, habits, cultural events, politics, literature, cinematography and much more.

Is it possible to customize my course?

Of course! If you begin the course and realize you would like to explore a certain area a little more, you can take private lessons with your teacher. And if you’re really new to Malaga, you can check out our Cultural Program, which organizes tours, excursions and visits to nearby cities.

What if I don’t know my Spanish level?

Before you join the course, we’ll need to assess your level, so you’ll have a friendly interview with one of our Spanish teachers and will be asked to complete a little informal grammar and vocabulary test. This is just to help us place you in the right group and you don’t need to study or worry about it at all!

Dates January 14th to December 20th

You can start your course on any Monday.

Extensive Spanish foreign residents
Weeks Price
4 135€
12 350€
Dates: 09/01/2023 - 15/12/2023
Beginners: 09/01/2023
Extensive Live Online 4
Weeks Price
4 135€
12 350€
Dates: Any Monday (Beginners: See blue dates in the calendar)

Spanish Level Test

Want to know your Spanish level? Take this quick test and find out.

Course Features

  • 4 lessons per week (50 mins each)
  • Class schedule: two days a week
  • Class times: (9:30 to 10:55, 11.20 to 13.00, 16:00 to 17.40 or 17.50 to 19.30
  • 6 to 10 students per class
  • All levels available
  • Minimum age 17
  • Minimum stay 4 weeks

When I moved to Malaga because of my work, I had to improve my Spanish because otherwise I would have been completely lost. That’s why I went to Clic Malaga to improve my Spanish skills. For me, it was a great opportunity. I took classes in the evening after my work. I really liked my teachers and the course was well-structured. In the end I kinda feel like a “malagueña”.

Anna K.


Thank you very much for this marvellous experience at your school! The Spanish classes were great and I learned a lot. The teachers are great and we had lots of fun in the classes. Furthermore, I met some new friend and we can keep in touch because we are all living in Malaga now!”


Roland K.