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Student Teaching as a Spanish Teacher in Malaga

Gain teaching experience

Whether you are an experienced teacher who wants to perfect your technique, or a person just entering the world of teaching and you want to gain confidence, this Spanish internship for teachers in Malaga is exactly what you need! A seasoned tutor will guide you for two weeks, helping you plan classes with practical methodological techniques, and evaluating you at the end of the course. Sounds good, don’t you think?

Format Face to face
Total hours 60 (2 weeks)
Schedule 09.00-15.00h
Students/class Personalized tutoring
University degree recognized? No

Spanish Teaching Internships in Malaga

There is no teacher training course that we know of that is as individualized as this one – Spanish internship for teachers in Malaga. You and your tutor will work together, side by side, so that you develop as much as possible. If you are worried that this type of system may be too intense, it’s good to remember that the best way to strengthen your weaknesses is precisely by concentrating your efforts on them so you can turn them into strengths. This is precisely what we will do together during your Spanish internship for teachers in Malaga.

Student Teaching as a Spanish Teacher in Malaga

Dates and prices

FELE Internships (690€)
To be agreed

About Spanish internship for teachers in Malaga


Why CLIC Malaga?

If you have never been to Malaga before, get ready! The course is only 2 weeks long, but we’re positive that you’ll want to stay a little longer once it’s all over. Malaga is famous for its sunny and a comfortable temperature year round. You’ll be near the Mediterranean Sea, studying in a cosmopolitan city, and surrounded by dozens of museums and art galleries. If you’re not yet convinced, wait until you visit the academy! You’ll love it.

CLIC Malaga is in the heart of the city. If you decide to come study with us (we hope you do!) you’ll be learning in one of the most wonderful places in the world.

Academically, your individual tutor is someone who has been nourished by the history and experience that we, as an academy, have gathered over the years teaching tens of thousands of students.

What is the course like?

In the course you will learn the three basic principles of teaching: planning, teaching and evaluation.

In the first part of the course, you will learn the theoretical aspect of teaching. We will guide you through our methodology, with teaching techniques and professional advice that will help you know everything you’ll need to become a great Spanish teacher.

The second part is much more practical. It takes place in a real educational setting where you will always be accompanied by your tutor. Here, you will put everything you’ve learned in the course into practice. Another part of this section is for planning and evaluating the work done in the classroom.

How many students are there in each course?

The course is 100% individualized. You are the only student, working alongside your tutor. The tutor’s job is to guide and help you at all times. There’s no better way to learn!

How is the course organized?

Week 1

9:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

You will learn theory and techniques from a fantastic Spanish teacher.

1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Tutoring sessions to prepare you for the student teaching that will take place during the second week.

Week 2

9:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Student Teaching. You will teach in a real class to students from all over the world, under the watchful eye of your tutor-guide.

1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Tutoring session to evaluate your performance in the classroom and to ask for guidance preparing the next day’s class.

What will I receive at the end of the course?

You will receive a certificate from the International House. You will also receive a personalized report that you can use in your future career as a teacher.

David Riddell
David Riddell
The best language school in Sevilla.
Sheila Mitchell
Sheila Mitchell
Wonderful location. Lovely flat. Fantastic terrace
agnes winter
agnes winter
Zowel op locatie als online lessen gevolgd. Prima prijs kwaliteit verhouding. Fijne docenten en goede lessen. Veel geleerd. Ik kom zeker weer terug.
Julian Richardson
Julian Richardson
CLIC Sevilla is a wonderful language school. The staff are very friendly and helpful. This summer was the second time I took Spanish classes there. Both times were very enjoyable and productive. As a bonus, they have a very nice building.
Aurore Portejoie
Aurore Portejoie
Super école ! Expérience enrichissante ! Je recommande à tous ceux qui veulent allier l'apprentissage de l'espagnol et la découverte de la culture associée !
Miriam Rodriguez
Miriam Rodriguez
Super Lernambiete. Sehr gutes, alltagsbezogenes Lernkonzept. Reden, reden, reden unter super Anleitung steht hier im Vordergrund. Nette und kompetente Lehrer. Prima Rahmenprogramm und ergänzende Freizeitaktivitäten. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und habe für den Herbst eine weitere Woche gebucht.

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