Spanish Language Schools in Spain located in Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga

Training Courses for Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language in Malaga

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Would you like to travel the world while developing your skills in one of the most rewarding professions? Learn key teaching methodology, gain classroom experience, and become a fully qualified Spanish teacher, at CLIC International House Malaga.

Methodology course Spanish Teacher Training in Malaga

1. Methodology course

Learn to plan and become familiar with the best teaching techniques and methodologies out there.

Intensive course Spanish Teacher Training in Malaga

2. Intensive course: methodology + practice

Learn to plan and manage Spanish as a second or foreign language classes in class (ELSE)

Postgraduate Diploma ELE Spanish Teacher Training in Malaga

3. Postgraduate Diploma ELE

You can go from one modality to another in an easy and fast way.

Tutoring and internships Spanish Teacher Training course in Malaga

Tutoring and internships

A course specially aimed at those teachers who wish to improve their teaching competence.

Online courses Spanish Teacher Training in Malaga

Online courses

An online course aimed at Spanish teachers with and without previous experience.