Spanish Language Schools in Spain located in Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga

Learning Spanish with CLIC IH and gaining ECTS credits… How?

Are you familiar with the acronym ECTS? If you are studying you probably are…

ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer System. It was first introduced in Europe in 1989 as part of the exchange Erasmus programme. This system is very popular nowadays as a fantastic platform for students’ mobility and helps the growth of international studies that will benefit the student and, is certainly, one of the best experiences of in one’s academic life. This project was part of the well-known Bolonia Process but was even used before with the Erasmus Programmes.

Coming to Seville (Spain) to learn Spanish is an enriching experience and the location is key to having an incredible experience. This is the city of the sun and a beautiful setting to learn one of the most spoken languages in the world.  And, if along the way you can gain ECTS credits…what else could you ask for?

The benefits are numerous. The universities and schools share the same measurement system across the agreed countries. This is a great way to validate courses from your university or school of origin. Why miss out on this opportunity?

In CLIC IH we offer ECTS credits to, not only European but also North American universities! Our Spanish courses are recognized by the university Jaume I (UJI), a public higher education and research centre. All students studying Spanish with CLIC will be able to gain 1 European University Credit per week. Depending on your numbers of weeks you will gain a great quantity of credits. You can check more information in our Credit Programs in Seville.