When you are planning on coming to Sevilla of course you want to know what a real ‘sevillano‘ or ‘sevillana‘ does and likes.

But first a few handy things to know about the city itself:

  • Sevilla is the capital and also the largest city of the comunidad autónoma Andalusia.
  • The inhabitants of the city are called sevillanos or hispalenses (the name of the city used to be Hispalis in Roman times).
  • Sevilla has three (!) UNESCO World Heritage Sites which are: the Real Alcázar palace, the Cathedral and the General Archives of the Indies.
  • Sevilla is the hottest city in Europe with average temperatures of above 35˚C in summer.


The Semana Santa (Holy Week) and the Feria de Abril are probably the biggest and also the most famous festivals of Sevilla and both, as the name of one suggests, celebrated in April. In the Semana Santa you can see incredible processions and two weeks later, during the Feria de Abril, you can enjoy various casetas (marquees) in which families and businesses celebrate by drinking, dancing and eating the whole week. Traditionally, the women wear amazing flamenco dresses and the men are dressed in their best suits.

Please take a look at this link to get a better idea of what the Semana Santa really is:

If you want to feel like it´s Feria de Abril already have a look at this video:


Of course the most famous food in Spain are the ´´Tapas´´ which are little plates of food you can share (or eat all by yourself if you want to) so you can try lots of different types of food. The literal translation of ´´tapas´´ is lids or covers, which probably originates from the fact that the drinks used to be covered with these little plates of food.

Some local specialities in Sevilla are:

  • Cola de toro (bull´s tail, although you don´t always receive the tail of an actual bull because bull meat is extremely expensive.)
  • Spinach with chickpeas
  • Caracoles (snails)
  • Salmorejo (cold tomato soup which is sort of like gazpacho)

A drink that you have to taste at least once is the vino de naranja, which is wine made of oranges. It has a very particular taste but a lot of people like it!

Of course, you don´t only have tapas to eat in Seville, there are many more places with different kinds of food! Some restaurant recommendations are:

La cantina mexicana

(mexican food)

Cantina Mexicana

Mama Bistro

This is tapas but it´s very modern and also the number 1 restaurant in Sevilla!
Get a little impression of what Mama Bistro looks like and what food they serve.

Maquila Bar

This is a place that doesn´t only serve food but also brews their own beer, so make sure you get a taste of one of their wonderful range of beers!


This is also a modern tapas restaurant but it has an open kitchen so that you can see your food being made.


Bar Garlochí

One last tip, if you like to a have a drink (or more than one) and you also want to have an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime, go to Bar Garlochí. This is a bar full of sculptures of religious figures. It will make you feel like you’re in a small Semana Santa!

Bar garlochí

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great time in Sevilla!

Jasmijn de Korte

Jasmijn de Korte

Intern, Clic IH Sevilla

Jasmijn de Korte is an intern at CLIC currently working in the Sala Multimedia. She studies Translating and Interpreting in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

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