Spain is renowned for its flare, flamboyance and flavour on the international party scene, and evidently the country’s carnivals are the hottest dates in the calendar for both locals and tourists. Carnaval de Cádiz is no exception and is one of the most popular carnivals in Spain.

We have created the ultimate guide to Cádiz Carnaval so you can enjoy la fiesta in all its glory.

From port to party town

Located in Andalucía, the Province of Cádiz hasn’t always been the dazzling carnival town it is today. As the oldest inhabited city in the whole of Spain, Cádiz started life as a trading hotspot with its port and opportune position on Spain’s south western coast providing the perfect location to greet ships from near and far.

Cádiz’s transition from port to party town is thought to have occurred in the 16th century, as locals drew inspiration from the famous Venice Carnival. Carnaval de Cádiz is now celebrated in its own right as the mainland’s premier event, rivalling the likes of Rio, Gran Canaria and Notting Hill.

Carnaval de Cádiz 2014

With preparations taking up to a year to complete and the carnival lasting at least 10 days, Carnaval de Cádiz provides a fabulous opportunity for visitors looking for an authentic taste of Spanish culture and celebration.

This year’s carnival starts on Thursday 27th February with its finale taking place on Sunday 9th March, and like every year, both participants and onlookers will be out to impress in the style stakes.

Cádiz Carnaval is known for its hilarious and elaborate costumes, and you’re certain to see a footfall of creative characters from all over the globe.

Viva la fiesta

Each year the carnival offers a colourful combination of music, performance and humour, and visitors will have plenty to see and to do during the 10 day event.

The festivities begin with an annual singing competition, which starts three weeks before the carnival begins. About 300 groups compete for the top spot and the winner is announced during the official opening of the carnival.

From then on the fun really begins, with the city’s street party playing host to processions, concerts, children’s puppet shows, comedy performances and fireworks.

This 24 hour, 10 day long celebration is capped off with delicious food, drink and plenty of laughs long into the night. The festival also pays homage to a variety music styles with rock, samba and flamenco taking pride of place across Cádiz.

Experience Spain like never before by dressing up and partying until the early hours at the world-famous Cádiz de Carnaval.

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