Street performers keep the city alive – you can never see the same street twice. In Seville new shows of creativity in a historical setting make for an electric blend. These artistas callejeros range from traditional flamenco music to mime artists in prams and levitating Buddhas.

The hotspots are Avenida de la Constitución, Plaza Salvador and the shopping districts in Tetuan and Sierpes. Whether you find your favourite performer and keep going back or constantly have an eye out for the new, have fun exploring!

The colourful

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This is one man acting as two dancers. If you’re looking for other strange dances, keep an eye out for dogs in Flamenco dresses (although these are often not in the centre).

The comic

There aren’t too many clowns around, but if you go near La Campana you might find one with instruments or balloons.

The peaceful

Living statues are often seen in the main shopping district, Sierpes. They can also be seen at Feria and other places around the city. As it’s no new trend, they’re going to elaborate lengths to do more than stand still.

The political

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“With more than six million unemployed, there is no democracy” This photo was taken on a May Day rally.

The mime artists

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Mime artists don’t just do the traditional moves, but can also be found as heads on a table, or babies in a pram. They’re a hit with the children. There are also bubble blowers which are a hit with everyone. The mime artists can be found in the centre near the Cathedral.

The artists

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La Plaza de la Encarnación is a centre for street art and graffiti. These imaginative artists are decorating glass recycling containers.

The freaky

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If trolls are your thing, go to La Avenida de la Constitución.

The musicians

This one-man-band sings while playing bluegrass, bashing the bells on his feet and accompanying himself on the harmonica. The Simpsons dance alongside him. Naturally.

Musicians can be found on Calle Sierpes (the main shopping area) or near the cathedral. Check out this video of flashmob musicians in Seville:

For flamenco guitar, Carlos del Rio plays outside the Alcázar.

The dancers

This performance was run by El Callejón de las artes who run courses in dance, voice, music and interpretation.

Address: Calle Cano y Cueto, 15, 41004 Seville, Sevilla, Spain

Phone: +34 954 22 89 52

Hours: Wednesday 9:00am – 2:00pm, 5:00pm – 9:00pm

The writers

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In La Calle Regina, professional writers gave away their words for free – love letters, children’s stories, true stories. It was an initiative run by the bookshop Un Gato en Bicicleta (The Cycling Cat).

The actors

Noche de Repálagos is a show created by the students of la Escuela de Arte Dramático de Sevilla. It runs every other Wednesday in la calle Castilla de Sevilla. It started as a testing ground for their own works and those of other authors.

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