Pijos have, or appear to have, a lot of money. Right now in Spain, this can get resentment from the other tribes. Pijos can be spotted by their designer labels, side partings and expensive watches. They might also be wearing the Spanish flag.
Like the English word “posh“, pijo can be used in both a negative and positive way. It can mean elegant and refined, or snobbish.
The English version might be “preppie“, while in Mexico they say “fresa” (strawberry)!

“O sea…” : “Let´s say…”

“¡súper guay!”: “¡super cool!”
But the word pijo spices up many sentences..
“Que pijos!”  : What the hell?!
“No entiendo un pijo.”: I don’t understand a thing.
“Qué pijos haces aqui?” : What the hell are you doing here?


we also want  know about urban tribes from your countries! Do you want to participate in our Urban Tribe Competition? It´s very easy!


1-Draw a caricature of an urban tribe of your country. Like this: (you don´t need to be Picasso!)

2- Write a short description of the urban tribe you have chosen  (in English,please!) and add some typical expressions in your original languaje and then translate the meaning  into English/Spanish

3-Send us the description with the expressions and the drawing (scan it and attache it!)  in a private message in Facebook www.facebook.com/InternationalHouse  (dont forget to send us your personal details: name, e-mail address and country)

5-The competition will run till April the 30th and after that we will ask CLIC IH  foreingn language students to vote their favourite one

6-First week of May we will publish the name of the winner on our Facebook.

7- The prize  is a one-week  Spanish course in  CLIC IH Sevilla during the summer with accommodation in residence included.


Enter our Urban Tribes competition and you will  get up close to the urban tribes of Seville!
We are waiting for your

Blanca Roters

Marketing, Clic IH

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