There’s no doubt that the residents of Seville are among the most stylish in all of Andalucía. With such an array of disparate delights to be found among the cobbled streets of this ancient city, its residents are spoilt for choice. From antiques and bric-a-brac to the very latest in contemporary fashion, Seville is a connoisseur consumer’s dream.

Everything you need at El Corte Ingles

Like almost everywhere in Spain, Seville’s local or traditional shops generally open from 9.30am – 2pm and then again from 5-8pm, with time for a lengthy siesta in between (not always). If you desperately need to fill those afternoon shopping hours, you can go to any chain store or to the department store El Corte Inglés at Plaza del Duque de la Victoria which is one of the few which are open all day and stocks just about everything you could ever need including high-quality foods, electronics, clothes, and furniture. Bear in mind that El Corte Inglés is relatively upmarket, however; you’re unlikely to find anything at bargain basement prices here.

Find fashion at las Tiendas del Centro

Las Tiendas del Centro is the main shopping district of Seville, stretching from Plaza Nueva to Plaza del Duque. Here you’ll find some of the biggest European fashion brands including Zara alongside smaller shops selling traditional flamenco dresses and mantillas. While you may find that prices here are slightly cheaper than the UK, las Tiendas del Centro is where most of the more expensive shops of Seville are located. If you’d like to pick up some truly traditional Spanish clothing, you’ll find it on Calle Cuna at María Rosa, the renowned traditional clothing-maker.

Get stuck into a book at Liberia Beta

If you’re looking for reading material, you’ll find it at the charming Liberia Beta, a traditional with a variety of languages on offer. Not only do they have books which are sure to appeal to any tastes, this unique book store is actually housed in an old theatre, making a visit to this store as exciting as the books themselves.

If you’re after something a little more unique, it’s worth venturing outside of the main shopping district into Alfalfa., close to Plaza de El Salvador  There’s also a number of interesting boutique shops which are open all week such as Isadora which stocks five choice local designers, and La Importadora, a vintage clothing shop and gallery space.

Pick up a bargain at Calle Feria flea market


Calle Feria, meanwhile, hosts an intriguing flea market on Thursdays, which stocks both fabulously fun retro finds and genuine antiques. Prices are as varied as the items you’ll find here, so with some careful browsing you really could pick up an astounding bargain.

Peruse the art markets

For lovers of arts and crafts, Seville has an art market on Sundays at the Plaza del Museo where you’ll find some beautiful original sketches and paintings in a vast range of styles. The ‘hippie’ market at Plaza del Duque, meanwhile, stocks plenty of quirky crafts and amusing gifts and is helpfully open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

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