Cadiz is becoming increasingly popular among foreign tourists and students. The city possesses a very unique charm due to its history, its similarities with South America and its proximity to Africa. The Cadiz coastline is one of the only ones in Spain that has avoided the tourism boom. It is still possible to see Roman Ruins and fabulous anachronisms such as cows peacefully grazing a few feet away from the shore.

Here are 5 reasons that makes Cadiz a surfer’s paradise:

– The beaches in the province of Cadiz are regarded as some of the best beaches in Spain and also in Europe. The environment has been saved from mass tourism and the province of Cadiz offers amazing beauty spots such as Bolonia, Caños de la Meca or the city itself which offers 7 kilometres of wide, sandy beaches just a 3 minute drive from the historical city centre. Of course, we have to mention the city of Tarifa, which is now a Mecca of Europe for surfers and kite surfers.

– Cadiz is located in the far south of Europe and offers a mild climate that allows you to surf all year round. Ideally, spring and summer are the best times and, in comparison with other European destinations such as Biarritz, the sun is present 300 days a year. Summer is warm but relatively mild thanks to the sea breeze.

– It’s not all about surfing! Cadiz and its beaches are a wonderful place to chill out. The beach bars (known as chiringitos) in Cadiz are the perfect places to find a cool place in the shade among the dunes, relax while sipping a cup of Moroccan tea or a colourful cocktail as you watch the sunset.

– Want to try something besides surfing? Cadiz offers a wide range of different water sports such as kite-surfing, body-boarding, kayaking, etc… You can also take part in different activities on the beach such as volleyball, football or even rugby.

– Looking for peace and quiet on the beach? Tired of packed and noisy beaches? In Cadiz, unlike the Mediterranean beaches, forget about desperately trying to find a place to put your towels… Cadiz is the right destination for you.

Do you agree with the reasons given above? Do you have more reasons why Cadiz is the perfect place to do a Spanish course? Don´t forget to share it with us.

Frederic Parrilla

Head of Marketing and Deputy director, CLIC IH Sevilla.

Frederic has worked for Clic since 2007. He has a degree in foreign languages from the university of Toulouse and taught french as a foreign language for many years.

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