It´s a fact that in our days, to learn Spanish has become a more often habit between students all around the world. Further more, the reason of this avalanche of students, employers and employees to learn Spanish has to do with all the statistics showng us that by 2030 there will be aproximately 535 Million of native speakers, 7,5 % of the world´s population or by 2050, the United States will turn into the country that has more Spanish speakers.

Spanish is the oficial language in 21 countries. The highest ones in terms of population are:  Mexico (120 million), Spain (49 million), Colombia (47 million), Argentina (41 million), Perú (3o million), Venezuela (29 million) and so on.  Spanish is also spoken in other countries as a native language such as: United States (37 million and expected to be by 2050 the country with the highest population of Spanish speakers in the world), Canada (910,000), Brazil (460,000 and expected to jump to 30 million of Spanish speakers in only a decade).

In the United States, the hispanic market is one the fastest-growing markets. For instance, in the first quarter of 2013 the were responsable for 13% of the 2,2 billion purchases in the e-commerce segment and expected to increase their buying power to 1,5 trillion. In 1990, they were 17,3 million that spoke Spanish at home and that number jumped up to 39 million in 2013 which turns to be an increase of more than 20 million in 23 years. Because of these numbers, the demand for Spanish language media has increased: radio, television, newspapers, magazines, etc.

South American countries have been experiencing a strong and stabilized economic growth for more than a decade with a GDP of 5,22 in 2012. We would have to blame all the agreements to explain this growth for example: NAFTA (United States, Canada and Mexico), MERCOSUR (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela), etc. Due to all the agreemengts that already exists, learning Spanish will be a must when it comes to more job opportunities because of international trades.

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Blanca Roters

Marketing, Clic IH

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