Some say the best way in learning a language is to live in the country whilst mastering the culture and traditions. I completely agree with the statement. To be able to speak fluent you need to speak it very often, and that won´t happen if you study at your home university where the most you can get, is pick up a sentence from here and there.

Speaking of culture, the smartest selection is finding a school that offers a wide variety of cultural activities. It´s essential to travel around as much as posible in the country you are heading to, so you can grasp all different aspects from all types of regions inside the country.

In order to learn more with the experience of a student that is taken a 6 week spanish course at CLIC International House Seville, click on the following links so you will find out in first person the truly and only experience of studying abroad in Seville.

First day of school and visiting The Seville Cathedral!

Best areas for shopping in Seville!

Going to the Mezquita of Cordoba with the coming of really nice weather!

Of all, the best Holy week in Spain is in Seville!

I hope you enjoy as much as I did reading the article´s of our international student and reporter Immi for the Olive Press!

Blanca Roters

Marketing, Clic IH

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