The 6 week Spanish course has nearly come to an end and our reporter is almost set to move on after improving and taking her Spanish to another level. Furthermore, she has earned more than that, since she has a wide vision of the Spanish culture, visiting different cities in Andalusia and understanding the diversity and beauty of our cities from when the Arabics stayed in the Iberian Peninsula.

In her own words: “the level of grammar has really ramped up this week”.

To find out more about the experience of a student that has almost finish her 6 week Spanish course at CLIC International House Seville, click on the following links so you will find out in first person the truly experience of studying abroad in Seville and what that entails.

A visit to Granada, Alhambra, shopping and plenty of Spanish grammar!

After 6 weeks, watching a Flamenco show is a must!

If you come across, Agua de Sevilla is worth a try!

I´m sure you enjoyed as much as I did reading the article´s of our international student and reporter Immi for the Olive Press! For more articles from Immi, please follow the link!

Let us know if you have any questions regarding the course or you would like to share your experience like Immi did!

Blanca Roters

Marketing, Clic IH

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