Learning a new language shouldn’t just be about the hours spent in the classroom. The most effective way to learn quickly and make sure what you’re learning is authentic is to make sure you’re as absorbed as possible in the culture of the people who speak it – not just during school hours, but also in the way you spend your whole life as a language student.

Studying Spanish in Seville gives you an enormous advantage. Not only can you spend your evenings exploring Spain’s fourth largest city and speaking Spanish everyday, but it’s a place which unites many quintessential elements of the Andalucian way of life and what it means to be from the south of Spain. Here are a few top highlights in the city to explore to make sure you’re learning just as much of the culture as you are the language.



Climb to the Views of La Giralda

Seville is renowned for its stunning architecture and is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Exploring some of these amazing buildings is a great place to start learning about the history of the city and it’s people. The Cathedral of St. Mary – built in the 15th century – is one of these sites, and remains the largest cathedral from its period. La Giralda – the tower attached to this – has an even longer history, built in the 12th century and originally as part of a mosque. It’s possible to climb the tower and explore the cathedral for some amazing views of the city.

Other historical landmarks not to be missed are royal palace The Alcázar, The General Archive of the Indies, watchtower The Torre del Oro, The City Hall, The Palace of San Telmo, and the site of the first tobacco factory in Europe – which was inspiration for the opera Carmen.

Discover the Museum of Fine Arts

Seville has many incredible art collections – probably the finest of which is housed at the Museum of Fine Arts of Seville. This holds work by some of Spain’s most celebrated artists – including Murillo, Zurbarán, Valdés Leal and Pacheco.  It also has really inspiring contemporary exhibitions that pop up in the smaller spaces. Other art museums worth exploring are The Museum of Arts and Traditions, The Flamenco Art Museum and The Andalusian Contemporary Art Centre. There’s also a great archaeological museum, a bullfighting museum and a science museum.

Find the Egg of Columbus

Seville is blessed with some amazing gardens and parks – great to explore and maybe find a quiet corner to study under the shade of a tree. The Parque del Alamillo y San Jerónimo in the north of the city is the largest park in the area, and holds an enormous monument to Christopher Columbus ‘The Birth of a New Man’ – known as The Egg of Columbus because of its shape – which is definitely worth visiting. Other stunning green spaces include the grounds of Alcázar palace and María Luisa Park.
Don’t just stay in the classroom – Seville is waiting!

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