Famas, Cronopios and Esperanzas are three types of personalities created by an Argentinian writer Julio Cortzázar and which can be easily found in our every day life. Famas, exact and pedantic, well-organised, always know what is right and wrong. They don’t like surprises and prefer to have control over everything. Cronopios, on the contrary, are romantic dreamers, able to find poetry and enthusiasm in everything. Esperanzas are in between. They keep hope, but prefer tried and tested paths.

Today marks the 102nd anniversary of the birth of Julio Cortázar. Although it is not a round number, we still see it as a good opportunity to remember and to introduce you to some pieces of his art. We asked our Spanish teachers and people from the administration office to read some of his short stories. Enjoy beautiful voices, sophisticated short tales and rich Spanish language!

“Conservación de los recuerdos” read by Juanjo Rodriguez Martín, Spanish teacher at CLIC IH Sevilla.


“Flor y Cronopio” read by Javier Solano, Cultural Program Coordinator.


“Fama y Eucalipto” read by Ana Perez, administration office.


“Relojes” read by Hugo Rufino, administration office.


“Viajes” read by Manolo Rufete, Spanish Teacher at CLIC IH Sevilla.


“Tortugas y Cronopios” read by Inma Gil, Spanish Teacher at CLIC IH Sevilla.


“Terapias” read by Elena García, Spanish teacher at CLIC IH Sevilla.



Dasha Polygalova

Marketing y promotions, Clic IH Sevilla

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