If you’re planning to study anywhere in Europe, Cádiz has the best of both worlds. Located on a strip of land surrounded by sea and home to some incredible architecture, it’s an extremely beautiful and unique place to live with a pleasant climate, but with the vast student population and lively nightlife that also makes it wonderfully sociable.

As a language student, if you’re discovering Spanish language and culture, there’s no place better. Deemed to be one of the oldest cities in Western Europe, there’s so much to explore among the winding alleyways, vast plazas and extensive local beaches. Here are a few things not to miss whilst you’re living here.

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The Food

Andalucia is home to many of the dishes that characterize traditional Spanish cuisine. The proximity of Cádiz to the sea guarantees some incredible fresh seafood dishes – including the particularly renowned Tortitas de Camarones, which are thin, crisp prawn omelettes. However, there are also plenty of places to find an array of tapas and food sourced further inland, such as the amazing hams and pork of the region, as well as the delicious local olive oil of the mountain villages.

The Beaches

Being on a peninsula, Cádiz boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the area – and, indeed, they are one of the main reasons the city is becoming an ever-popular destination for holidaying tourists. Situated in the Old City, La Playa de la Caleta is one of the most popular beaches, and its beauty is even talked about in some of the Carnival songs from the area. For more peaceful beaches though, venture a little outside the city and along the coast. About an hour’s drive south, Zahara de los Atunes is a little fishing village very much off the beaten track with truly stunning beaches and a very tranquil atmosphere.

The Plazas

In many ways, you can get the most pleasure and enjoyment from Cádiz from simply wondering through its meandering streets, losing yourself and stumbling across the great plazas and the many jaw-dropping buildings that sit alongside them. Plaza de Mina is in the heart of the old town with some incredible statues to see – as well as being the home to the Museum of Cádiz, which is definitely worth a visit. This is one of eight main plazas, all with history and surroundings worth exploring.

The Carnival

The Carnival of Cádiz – or Los Carnavales – is renowned around the world. It’s a true spectacle and not one to be missed if you’re lucky enough to be living here. It takes place over two weeks but preparations and rehearsals for it are prevalent throughout the year. It is known for its satirical music groups, Chirigotas, and on the Saturday the whole city dresses up so everyone can get involved.

There are many things to explore in Cádiz that make it an incredible place to visit, work or study in. Make sure you don’t miss these highlights!

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