Learning Spanish in an intensive way and complete immersion, is the best way to develop a truly and effective communication competence. But for this process to come alive, we need to consider multiple variables.

First and most important of all is the student´s desire to learn. His motivation to know language and culture is essential for him in order to feel more integrated. On one side, motivations may be externals: for instance, finding a job, passing an official exam like DELE… On the other, motivations are internals, such as, his enthusiasm to learn languages, wants to make new friends or is looking to make a 360º change of his life.

Another important variable to consider is the interaction that will happen with native speakers, class mates and teachers. A student that does not participate in class or that after class only hangs out with friends that speak their mother tongue is doomed to improve very slowly.

The fear of committing mistakes is another possible limitation for an effective learning. A student that does not takes risks in building new sentences to say the exact thing he wishes to transmit, or who always says those things that he is sure are correct, is paralyzing his progression of competence communication.
Finally, even though we haven´t completed the list with all possible variables, their attitude to keep on learning out of class, to be aware and plan their own learning process and what strategies he can use to communicate better way and learn in an independent way is one of the most important variables that will determine the final result.

All of the above is taken into consideration when we design our super intensive courses. In the mornings, classes are focused in communicative tasks, to meet the students need and interests. In the afternoons, in smaller groups, we insist to develop all variables mention before to improve the student´s fluency: we analyse motivations, strengthen interaction, create an affective atmosphere so that students fear is minimised and we encourage them to cooperate in the class so it will be like tailor made.

It´s a super intensive course but not exhausting. It´s a great opportunity to take the most of your stay with us.

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Antonio Orta

Head of Spanish Teacher Training, CLIC IH Sevilla

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