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Language Course and Internship in Málaga – an experience report

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Today we welcome Daniela, she is currently an intern at CLIC IH Málaga and used to be a student for a Spanish intensive course there herself. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!

First a question to get to know you better: Why are you doing an internship at the language school CLIC?

I study cultural studies, a mixture of economies and Spanish at the University Duisburg-Essen. When I found out that I had to do an internship as part of my studies, I knew immediately: I want to go back to Málaga, back to CLIC!

Why were you so sure you wanted to do the internship here in Málaga?

Even 3 years ago I felt like at home at CLIC. The wonderful atmosphere cannot be described- you have to experience it yourself! Also, the administrative internship combines both parts of my studies since the work is in Spanish. And why I wanted to come back to Málaga is self-explanatory once you have seen the city!

Do you have a favorite place in Málaga?

There is no way I can choose one! The whole city enchants you from the first moment: from the historic city center, to the modern port and the beach, as well as the mountains and many parks, to the cathedral and lots of rooftop bars!

And do you have a favorite word in Spanish?

Not a word, but a sentence: “¿Qué pasa?” (She laughs). It just fits in any situation, depending on how you emphasize it.

Who would you recommend to learn Spanish at CLIC in Málaga?

It’s simple: everyone! With CLIC, age, origin or language level does not matter. The classes are divided into different language levels, but besides this the groups are very mixed and that’s why CLIC is the perfect school for anyone who wants to learn Spanish effectively!

What tips can you give future students or interns, who are interested in a Spanish language course in Spain?

I recommend everyone to take part in the varied activity programme! You will learn the language in a completely different way and increase your vocabulary, during cooking at school or during trips with other language schools. In addition, you should not be afraid to speak Spanish in your spare time, the Malagueños are very patient and helpful.