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Jagoda´s experience as an intern at CLIC Malaga

Jagoda's experience as an intern with the CLIC Malaga team

Jagoda interned at CLIC Malaga for one month and graciously shared her experience with us. Here is her story:

How did you end up working as an intern at CLIC?

I flew to Malaga in March, as part of the Erasmus program, with my friends from my school. I came here to develop and improve my skills in my profession, graphic design, working as an intern in the company which I was selected for. This company was CLIC, and I’m very happy about
that because it is such a nice and warm place. I worked here for only one month, but I feel like family with the people who work here. Every day, I was welcomed cheerfully and it made me have a better day here. Everybody is smiling here so my work was very, very nice. I will miss it.

How was your work experience as an intern at CLIC?

My work was very appreciated and I hope my projects will be helpful for a long time. At CLIC, I wasn’t only working, but I practiced my English and I met very interesting people from different cultures than my own. I met some friends who I talked to on the first day. That’s amazing for me because I’m always close to new friends, even more from another country, but my visit to Malaga helped me to open up to new people.

How was your experience living in Malaga?

I had a nice time in the city. I loved walking in the evening when it was dark because Malaga was very lit and beautiful. In the evening, so many people played instruments, and I loved it because I love music. It always made the atmosphere so lovely during the evening walk.

Any final thoughts?

So, as an intern, I learned so many things here. I’m very thankful to Laura, who was a student from abroad too, who talked with me a lot and helped me with things at the company and in the Spanish city. And I want to mention Irene, who always made my day at work less stressful and helped me settle in at the company and in Malaga. I’m so thankful to Monique who showed me around the school and accompanied me during my first days. Marta was with me at the office and she always made my work funnier and never boring because she talked with me a lot. Blanca is a very helpful, very creative, and talented person. She gave me a task which I did with great pleasure, and when there was something I couldn’t do, she always helped me, which was a very amazing feeling. I want to say “thank you” to all of the people from CLIC for a wonderful month in Malaga! And want to recommend the internship experience to all users who read this.

Thank you Jagoda for joining CLIC and for sharing your professional journey with us!