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Be ready to find out the truth with these 10 killing questions

Are you taking some in-group or private language course right now? Then, you may be going through doubts and wonder if perhaps you are hardly progressing not because of you but because of the way you are taught. Eventually, I have had great language teachers, but I have also had terrible or mediocre ones. It is true that if you have only had one Spanish teacher, it is difficult to compare… Actually, even if you have had more than one, all may have been bad ones. So, how would you know something is bad if you have never tried something good? You need to have a minimum garantee that you are being taught by a good Spanish teacher. Well, you can always use the famous method of the “Killing Questions”.


Don’t feel guilty, you’ve got the right to check if you are in good hands!

Objectively, there is series of clues you can use to test the quality of your teacher, here they are, simply reply the following questions with a Yes or a No.

  1. Would you say you are the one speaking during the class more than 60% of the time?
  2. Did he/she agree on the content and the lessons with you before starting the course?
  3. Does he/she keep silent and only take notes when you are making your presentations in Spanish?
  4. Does he give you tips and resources so that you can learn Spanish by yourself when he’s not with you?
  5. Do you both draw, sing, play role games when you are together?
  6. Does he sometimes skip the book and use technologies with you? Phones, videos, quizzes, apps, whatsapp, etc.?
  7. Does he always begin a new class by revising what you studied last time and telling you what you are going to learn today?
  8. Would you say he/she knows your favourite Netflix series, is he aware that you are a fan of Rafa Nadal and Jennifer Lopez?
  9. Is he/she expressive? Does he use body language and gestures? Somehow, would you say he or she could make a good actor or actress?
  10. Does he/she check and evaluate your level regularly with listening and writing test?

Done? Check the result hereunder

0 to 4 “Yes”? Well, sack him / her right away. You may be wasting time and money here

5 to 6 “Yes”? he’s/ she’s ok but could clearly improve… suggest him/her subtly

7 to 8 “Yes” Treat him/ her well, you’ve made a good casting there

9/10 “Yes”? Agree if he asks for a pay rise! You may have a hard time finding such a rarity