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Tamara and Céline, who are both from Switzerland, have been studying Spanish for about four weeks now in CLIC International House Sevilla. They have opted for our Spanish courses in Seville (Spain). We asked them a few questions about their experience here in the capital of Andalusia.

Here we go:

What´s your favorite thing about Sevilla?

Tamara: I think the whole city, with tapas everywhere and the nice weather even now in the winter.

Céline: I really like the people, they are really lovely and just like the lifestyle, you can go out every night, eat tapas and everything, the food´s very good. But you have to be a bit careful to not eat so unhealthy because everything is very oily, but yes I really like the people, they are genuinely nice!

What´s your favorite Spanish word?

Tamara: Hmm, no I don´t know.

Céline: I really like “mira” or “dime”, I like those short words.

Why is it a good idea to learn Spanish?

Tamara: Because it´s very international. I´ve been to South America before and people there don´t speak English at all so it´s really good if you know English and then Spanish.

Céline: Yes, same for me, and as well I got the idea because I´m dancing salsa and everybody speaks Spanish there so that was my inspiration. I really love the language, it sounds nice.

Do you have any funny anecdotes from your learning experience?

Céline: Well in Spanish almost every word can mean different things and have like a double meaning so it´s very easy to say something wrong in a sexual way or something like that. It always happens to me, I´m sure there are a lot of examples but I don´t have them in my head right now.

Tamara: No, I would have examples in other languages of misunderstandings but not in Spanish, not yet!

Do you have any favorite food from here?

Tamara: I love the berejenas con miel.

Céline: I love octopus, but in Galician style, and actually I discovered this Peruvian restaurant, sorry! I really loved it but yes,  the Spanish octopus is good.

What did you do yesterday?

Tamara: I went to the intercambio at the… hmm I can´t remember but I went there to speak Spanish and it was really nice.

Céline: I went dancing for the night, I´m taking courses in salsa.

Thank you both for sharing this with us!

They are learning Spanish in Seville and of course, it is not only just about learning, but the entire Andalusian experience. The language school is located in the centre of Seville, making the learning process much more interesting. Spanish lessons here are an attractive way to be immersed into the Southern Spanish culture.

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