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How Italians Learn Spanish

Have you ever wondered how it is to learn Spanish as an Italian? What kind of problems do they encounter in their Spanish courses? Language siblings or false friends?

Discovering Spanish: A Journey for Italians

Italian and Spanish are language siblings, both stemming from Latin. They do not only share similar sentence structures and phonetics, but also boast a remarkable 80% lexical overlap.

Francesca’s Story: Learning with CLIC

Meet Francesca, an adventurous student at CLIC’s International House. Enthralled by Spanish culture, she chose to dive into the language while exploring the enchanting streets of Seville. With CLIC’s immersive Spanish courses, Francesca’s language journey has been nothing short of remarkable. In just two weeks, she’s leaped from beginner (A1) to intermediate levels (A2).

Why Italians Should Learn Spanish 

For Italians, mastering Spanish offers an array of opportunities. The language’s striking resemblance to Italian ensures a smoother learning curve, with many achieving fluency in as little as 6 months of intensive study! CLIC provides the ideal environment to embark on this linguistic adventure. With tailored courses, experienced instructors, and immersive cultural experiences in all its schools (Seville, Malaga and Cadiz), CLIC equips students like Francesca to not just learn Spanish but to live it.

Learning the Ropes: Familiarity and Challenges

Francesca finds Spanish refreshingly familiar. She mentions that Italians can get away with changing a word slightly to get its Spanish counterpart. However, she encounters occasional stumbling blocks, like ‘false friends‘ where words appear similar but hold different meanings. She mentions an amusing example where she said, “Está mañana me he untado un pedazo de pan con burro,” thinking ‘burro’ meant ‘butter’ like it does in Italian, but it actually means ‘donkey’ in Spanish. Despite such challenges, Francesca’s comprehension of Spanish conversations remains strong.

Getting Creative: Mixing Languages

Francesca sometimes has fun mixing Italian and Spanish words, creating new ones that make sense to her. “It’s like adding my own twist to the language!” she laughs. However, she admits, “Sometimes I trust this process too much and make up new words that don’t exist.” For example, she created the word “esquineta” by combining “esquina” (corner) and “piccolina” (small). Though her invented words may sometimes puzzle her Spanish friends, they admire her creative approach to language learning.

Cultural Connections: Shared Traditions

Francesca sees many similarities between Italian and Spanish cultures, from their reverence for ‘la vida nocturna’ to their passion for culinary delights. However, she acknowledges, “I’m certain I’ll need to delve deeper into the Spanish mindset to truly feel at ease with the language.” CLIC’s immersive approach fosters a profound understanding of these cultural nuances, enriching the language-learning experience.

Choosing Spanish: The Easy Choice

Francesca believes Spanish is the perfect language for Italians to learn. “It’s easy to pick up, especially with CLIC’s support, and it opens doors to new opportunities and friendships.” She suggests that Spanish, French, and English are among the fastest languages for Italians to learn, with Spanish topping the list.

Embracing the Spanish Learning Adventure

Francesca’s journey shows the transformative power of language learning. With CLIC as her guide, she embarks on a voyage of discovery, transcending linguistic barriers to connect with a vibrant Spanish-speaking world. For Italians, studying Spanish at CLIC isn’t just about acquiring a new language—it’s about embracing a cultural adventure that reshapes perspectives and ignites lifelong passions.


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