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Plaza de España, Setas de Sevilla, plaza de toros, the cathedral. These are the typical answers you get when you search for the best places to visit in Seville. Everyone already knows about these places, they are nice to visit but not so special anymore. What I’m about to tell you are the hidden spots of Seville which are a visit worth. Are you excited yet?


Peace in the metropolis

Plaza de cabildo is a beautiful hidden spot in de middle of the center of Seville. When you don’t know about this place you definitely would have walked past it. You enter this square through gates, there are 3 gates around this square. The gates close at 23:30 at night. When you are inside the square you feel completely relaxed, the only sound you hear is from the fountain in de middle. Also, every Sunday morning there is a little market going on in the plaza de cabildo, also known as the collector’s market. This market has been held here since 1997. On the ground you will see the frescoed artwork of the Sevillian painter José Palomar. The beautiful columns are made of marble. Also, inside the square there are a few little shops which you should check out.


Would you like a spot all to yourself with your feet in the water?

The next hidden spot is at the Rio Guadalquivir, which is a beautiful river where Sevilla crosses Triana. The hidden spots here are the stairs that go down on the sides of the sidewalk, these stairs go into the river so you can sit down there and cool off a bit. Personally, this is one of my favorite spots. Because it’s very quiet, not many people know of this place and you can enjoy all the kayaks and boats who come by while your feet are in the water.


Mysterious duck island

Parque de María Luisa is a famous park which lays around plaza de España. Many tourists go there but what most of them don’t know is that there are also hidden spaces in this park. One of them is the Isla de los patos, also known as the duck island. This beautiful place has a little temple in the water with hundreds of ducks around it. Because the park is so big, the duck island is actually a little hard to find. The exact location is C. de Pizarro, 41013 Sevilla, España.


All day, everyday

Lastly, Alameda. Alameda is a big, long street which has two giant Roman pillars at the beginning of it. One of them bears a statue of Hércules and the other one bears a statue of Julius Cesar. The reason for this is that according to the legends Hércules was the founder of Seville, and Julius Cesar visited this former roman settlement. In Alameda it’s always busy, not only with tourist but mostly with Sevillians and youngsters. It is not a really hidden spot, but still not too famous to keep it out of this list. In Alameda you have many different bars and terraces which you can enjoy in the morning, evening and at night. This place really does have a different atmosphere than other parts of Seville.

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