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Food is an indispensable obligation to survive. Without it we wouldn’t be able to live. But besides that, for many people, it’s also a way to enjoy a moment, make new contacts or find a new hobby. But most of the time, food can be very expensive. Not only for students who are living abroad but for everyone. So here are some tips for eating in Sevilla which contain; budget proof, vegan/vegetarian, specialties, and other very delicious food.


Tapas galore for little money

Casa paco is one of my favorite tapas restaurants to go for dinner. First of all, it’s very cheap. Besides that, the atmosphere is very nice, you can sit outside on wooden tables and chairs. Also is it located in alameda, which makes it even more fun. And of course, the food is delicious. It’s perfect for sharing with your friends, family, or even your date. In addition, Duo tapas is also a very delicious and cozy restaurant in alameda. It has the same qualities as Casa paco with some different options of food.

Dutch specialties

A special restaurant in Sevilla is Los Tulipanes. This is a Dutch restaurant that has all popular snacks you can get in Holland but not in Spain. Also, this little restaurant is a sort of cozy living room for all dutchies. With the owners of the restaurant, you can order in Dutch, English or Spanish, which makes it even more fun.

Cheap and chic are compatible concepts in Seville

A budget place I like to go to for lunch is La Perla. It’s a quiet place with lovely interieur design. They do not only have sandwiches, but they also have pizza slices and super good pieces of cake. Most of them only for a few euros.

Oh, you’re vegan? Vegetarian? No worries!

Moya brunch is a restaurant mostly for brunches with really good food! They make many different options for vegetarians and vegans. Not only does their food looks amazing, also the place itself. I’m sure many people have taken beautiful pictures here. This place is a little more expensive than the other places but in my opinion worth a visit!

The options are multifarious

Milk away is a bit of a hidden café, just outside of the city center. When you come inside, the atmosphere is really nice. Here they also have many vegan and vegetarian options. The food is really good and healthy. Besides cafes like milk away there are also many vegan restaurants that are only focused on vegan food. If you type in on google maps ‘vegan restaurants’ you will find many more of them.

Adjust your physical clock to the Spanish way of life

I hope I informed you well enough to enjoy all the good foods they have in Seville. Do keep in mind that many restaurants in Sevilla have a siesta. This means they are closed in the afternoon for a few hours. The time of closing differs per restaurant, so check that carefully!

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