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Online Course

For people who are unable to attend Spanish classes due to a busy schedule, online Spanish courses are the perfect solution. They are simple and easy to follow, and each module is divided into 15 sections, including: reading, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, practical Spanish, an oral tutorial and two written tutorials. Online language learning is continuing to grow with the United States and Europe utilising 70% of the world´s eLearning.




Flexible timetable


All ages


Pre-elemental A1

Elemental A2

Intermedio Bajo B1

Intermedio B1+

Intermedio alto B2

Spanish Classes Online

Online Course Options

Part A

First half of course including modules 1-5

60-75 hours. Access time: 6 months

230 €

Part B

Second half of course including modules 6-10 (must have completed part A)

60-75 hours. Access time: 6 months

230 €

Part A + B

Full course, includes modules 1-10

120-150 hours. Access time: 12 months

420 €

What our students say

This type of course was perfect for me due to my busy schedule. It has been really effective and I could notice improvements in the language in less time than I thought. It is structured in two parts of five modules each and you also get a tutor, whom you can contact per email or phone when having problems or questions about any area of the Spanish language.

Claire Dubois


With this course you can make a good start and it can be very helpful in learning how to say sounds or words. It is great for the basics and then you can decide if its something you want to take further. 

Ash Gotlieb


International House Clic

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