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Tailor made Spanish group programmes in Cadiz

Tailor made Spanish group programmes in Cadiz

These courses can be taken for as little as one week and are aimed at students from secondary schools from the world over (+13 years). They include: Spanish course, half board homestay with a family. Naturally, we include the provision of accommodation for the accompanying monitor.

The city of Cadiz, with more than 3000 years’ history and an ideal location, is a perfect destination for a school trip. It’s safe, a good size and has an amazing history. Cadiz has some of the best town beaches in the country. This has made water sports the most popular activity amongst students in our afternoon cultural programme. We strongly recommend that you make the most of the weekends to visit surrounding areas like: Morocco, the beaches in Tarifa, the town of Ronda, the mountains in Huelva and the small white-washed towns. There are infinite possibilities and good prices for groups.

Courses start all year round, every Monday.

Offers from 290€ per week

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What the group leaders say

I can’t tell you much about preparing the trip because before our arrival, CLIC had organized everything. The trip was a real success and Jesus was excellent. The kids seemed to really enjoy the classes and the teachers were great. They also learnt lots of Spanish. Regarding the cultural programme, in 2 weeks we got to know the city and the people inside out. The families that hosted our students helped them greatly by teaching them about the history and culture. The kids were really happy with their host families. I stayed with Angela and Pepe. They made me feel right at home and the food was great. We loved coming to CLIC.

Creighton University

United States

Travelling abroad with a group of students isn’t easy especially when they are young. CLIC’s 30 years of experience show. Everything was really well organized. There was even a 24-hour emergency service available. There wasn’t a moment when I felt alone as a monitor.

American School of Milan


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