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Intensive Spanish Courses in Cadiz

Intensive Spanish Courses in Cadiz for adults
ECTS Credits

Intensive Spanish Course: our most popular course

The Intensive Spanish courses seems to be the most popular formula among our students. You may choose between 20, 25 or sessions per week.


20 or 25 lessons per week of 50 mins


9:15 to 13:00 (20 lessons) and 09:15 to 14:20 (25 lessons)

6 to 10 students per class (20 lessons) or 5 to 8 students per class (30 lessons), 8 Spanish levels


Minimum age 17 plus

Study from 1 week onwards

General Spanish Intensive

So, should you go for 20 or 25 sessions/week?

It’s up to you, but you should make your choice based on a minimum of 3 criteria: the duration of your stay, your predisposition and your linguistic objectives. However, we would recommend you to go for minimum 25 to 30 sessions per week if you are planning to come to Cadiz for less than 3 weeks.

Why do our Intensive Spanish Courses in Cadiz take place in the morning?

Your morning will be dedicated to Spanish classes and your afternoon to enjoying and practicing your Spanish in Cadiz with a full and varied programme of leisure and cultural activities. These activities range from guided tours, workshops, film screening to language exchanges with locals and a good variety of other activities that help strengthen your Spanish language skills both aural and orally.

Why do we limit to 10 the number of students per group?

In Cadiz, the average number of students per group varies from 6 to 10 students depending of the time of the year (lower numbers of students from October to June). To be able to stick to our teaching methods, 10 is the maximum number our teachers can cope with since you need to practice during the whole lesson and enjoy complete responsiveness from your teacher. Unlike old-style theoretical language teaching, our methodology requires students to learn by directly doing and practicing during the Spanish classes.

Why do we regard your initial level-test as a priority before you start your Spanish course?

If you are not a total beginner in Spanish, your entry level is key. Would you buy a shirt without checking the size first? We need to know your level with accuracy to make sure that you boost your Spanish level. The Spanish level test has both a written and an oral part, so that we don’t waste time. You will be sent an on-line Spanish level test link before arrival and on the first day you will have a personal interview with a Spanish teacher. We will make sure you are placed in the right level, neither too high nor too low, which is vital to guarantee the success of your Spanish course.

What our students say

The Spanish teachers were excellent and fun to have classes with. They were really professional and the book ‘Aula’  was great and helped me make a lot of progress. They use computers and the internet in classes to help make the subjects more interesting and the cultural programme was excellent too. I didn’t go on a weekend excursion but I did most of the extracurricular activities during the week.

Ben Evans


Excellent teachers, particularly Chiqui and Concha. They were very positive and motivating and they used every moment of time effectively. They really challenged me and I feel like they helped me to make great progress over the 2 weeks. The cultural programme was very, very good. Jesús is great and his explanations were always interesting and his Spanish is clear and easy to understand. We had a new experience every day!  

Seth Fields


Spanish Level Test

Dates and Prices

Spanish 20

Classes / Week
1199.00 €
2398.00 €
3587.00 €
4776.00 €
5960.00 €
No. WeeksPrice CalculatorPrice
Show Price
Any Monday
NotesNo booking fee. Books not included (approx. 20€ per level).
Times: 09:15-13:00.

Spanish 25

Classes / Week
1250.00 €
2500.00 €
3740.00 €
4980.00 €
51215.00 €
No. WeeksPrice CalculatorPrice
Show Price
Any Monday
AnmerkungenNo booking fee. Books not included (approx. 20€ per level).

Intensive 20 + 5 private lessons

Classes / Week
1413.00 €
2826.00 €
31229.00 €
41632.00 €
Any Monday
NotesNo booking fee. Books not included (approx. 20€ per level).

Intensive 20+ 10 private lessons

Classes / Week
1627.00 €
21254.00 €
31871.00 €
42488.00 €
Any Monday
NotesNo booking fee. Books not included (approx. 20€ per level).

Private classes

Why not personalise your course even further and complement your general classes with private classes? You decide when and what you want to learn- ideal for those who have special requirements which may not be covered in their intensive course.

Private Classes

Price / Lesson
Flexible Timetable
NotesMinimum of 5 classes.
10 classes: 420€
20 classes: 840€

Combine your travels round Spain whilst continuing your Spanish studies at other IH schools in 6 different cities in Spain: Barcelona, Cadiz, Palma, Madrid, San Sebastian or Valencia.

Erasmus +

You may apply to Erasmus grants to study in CLIC for the following training:

  • General Spanish courses and DELE Preparation course
  • FELE, Spanish Teacher Training for non native speakers
  • Group Programs

Please, consult us for more information. Registration number in the ECAS (PIC): 947110523

ECTS credits

Get ECTS credits with your Spanish course in CLIC and make the most of your time.International House schools offer the option of transferring credits and validating European and North American university course subjects.

Please ask for more information.

Cultural Programme

Cultural Programme

Immerse yourself in Spanish culture with guides who will provide you with experiences often missed by tourists but treasured by Spaniards



No matter where you are from, our wide variety of accommodation choices will provide you with the desired cultural experience

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