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DELE Exam Courses in Cadiz

Certify your Spanish

Obtain your accredited Spanish Diploma

DELE Diplomas are official titles certifying a degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language. They are globally recognised and are granted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain. The CLIC DELE course focuses on methods and strategies to give you insight into what is expected of you to pass the exams and plenty of materials and coaching to help you achieve your goal. CLIC International House Cádiz is also an official DELE exam centre where you can sit the exam, should you choose to do so.


20 general Spanish lessons of 50 mins + 10 DELE preparation lessons per week

9:15 to 15:10

6 to 10 students per class, Minimum age 17 plus

Study from 1 week onwards


8 Spanish levels

Students in Spanish Classes

You surely heard of DELE exam

DELE, Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera is the Spanish version of so called: DELF for French language, First Certificate for ESL, etc. It has been created in order to officially justify the level of Spanish Language and is issued by the Instituto Cervantes and issued by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture. DELE Exam is nowadays one of the most popular language examination around the globe with more than 1000 examination centers and more than 30000 candidates worldwide each year.

DELE examination: when and which levels are key questions

The DELE exam takes place twice a year, usually in may in November and the levels available are A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

Here’s the DELE exam structure

Whatever the level, there are always 4 mains parts :
1: Reading
2: Writing
3: Listening
4: Speaking
The duration varies depending on the level. For example, for DELE A1, each part respectively last: 45, 25, 20 and 15 min.
If you want to know exactly, have a look at this link: Exam Structure

Have a look at some samples of the DELE exam

If you wish to see samples of the exam and get prepared, you may find a good way to start through the following link: Sample exams

We can help in DELE exam preparation in CLIC IH

Simple, we organize a Spanish Intensive DELE preparation course 3 times a year, 4 weeks before the exam. The DELE course is made of 30 classes per week, 20 are dedicated to reinforcing your general level whilst 10 focus directly on the exam strategies and tips. The recommended duration is 4 weeks, although, depending on your entry level, it may be shorter. DELE course starting dates in Cadiz for 2018 are: April 23rd, June 18th and October 15th. The courses finishes the day before the DELE exam so that you can be freshly trained.

Yes, CLIC IH Cadiz is the DELE examination centre in Cadiz.

CLIC IH Cadiz is the DELE examination centre in Cadiz for the past 5 years. If not for Cadiz, you can always check the location and all details of Examination centres worldwide thanks to the following link: Exam centres

Study our DELE Exam Courses in Cadiz

CLIC International House Cádiz is an official DELE exam centre which means that you can sign up with us and undertake the A2, B1, B2, C1 y C2 DELE exam in our very own building. You may officially register by clicking on the button below. You need not be studying with us in order to undertake the DELE exam in our centre.


What our students say

I think my teacher was great, especially as she had to cope with very different levels of conversation. I am Brazilian and my main concern in the first day of class was that I would be bored, as I had a very good understanding of all conversation and reading materials. However, I had very little grammar, as I had never studied Spanish in a formal way. The teacher was able to keep the classes interesting and showed us all the necessary skills and methods to get the diploma. Thank you CLIC!




I was also extremely impressed with Alejandro. He created a dynamic and fun classroom which was supportive and encouraging to all his students. Additionally, he was able to connect very quickly with each of his students and build rapport. We all felt motivated and secure in doing the official exam.


Hiromi Funabashi


Spanish Level Test

Dates and Prices

DELE Preparation

Classes / Week
41183.00 €
NotesOption 1: 1183€, 4 weeks, 30 classes/semaine, 09:15-15:10
Option 2: 408€, 4 weeks, 10 classes/semaine, 13:30-15:10

Exam dates

25/05: levels A2-C1
12/07: levels A2-C1
23/11: levels A2-C2

Exam fee not included (150€ - 210€ approx.)

SIELE Preparation

Classes / Week
1149.00 €
2298.00 €
NotesMonday to Thursday 17.30-19:10. The course starts every Monday from 4 February. SIELE exam fee not included, approx 55€ per module. 155€ complete exam. Exam date: End of each course all year round.
Cultural Programme

Cultural Programme

Immerse yourself in Spanish culture with guides who will provide you with experiences often missed by tourists but treasured by Spaniards



No matter where you are from, our wide variety of accommodation choices will provide you with the desired cultural experience

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