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Spanish Courses for Seniors in Cadiz (50+)

Much more than a simple holiday

Spanish for the over fifties

Contrary to what is commonly accepted, it is never too late to learn languages and thoroughly enjoy the experience. This 2 week course offers the right pace and great cultural incentives to improve your abilities whilst broadening your horizons. A motivating combination of classroom lessons with a rich integrated cultural programme that varies according to the time of the year in Cadiz. Try our Spanish courses for seniors in Cadiz!

6 to 8 students per class


Elementary to Upper-intermediate (A1-B2)


20 lessons per week of 50 mins + special cultural and leisure programme


Minimum age 50 plus

Study for 2 weeks

Starting Dates and Topics

Art and History

21st of May
24th of September

Inmerse yourself in the art and history of the southern Spain

Gastronomy and Wine tasting

4th of June
15th of October

Enjoy the taste and variety of Spanish wine and tapas

Cultural Programme

A special social and cultural programme designed to deliver long-lasting and unique first hand experiences

Spanish for the over fifties

Orientation Tour

Get to know the city on your first day!

Typical Spanish food

Cooking class

Learn to prepare our most famous dishes

Stunning beaches

Enjoy the sunsets on the Atlantic Coast!

Beautiful architecture in Seville

Wine Tasting

Delicious wines made in Spain

Experience Spanish culture
Learning Spanish in Seville

Weekend gateways

Discover the beauty of the main cities of Andalusia!

Spanish Culture

Flamenco Show

Feel the passion of the most popular dance in Spain


Choose your accommodation according to your taste and budget

Host family

You will feel like part of a Spanish family living as a guest. Learn about the traditions, the daily life, enjoy typical food and lots more whilst learning Spanish outside the classroom. This option offers you a single room with breakfast or half board and an amazing time enjoying Spanish life firsthand.

Wifi Internet

Half board

Bed Linen and Towels Provided

What our students say

The best language school to learn Spanish. Friendly staff and excellent teachers will help you to enjoy your stay. There are all different types of accommodation to met your needs. The cultural programme has a wide variety of activities to keep you busy and entertained all the time. It´s my third year and I’m already planning for the next one. To sum up, an ideal place to learn, meet people and have fun!

Theo de Jongste


If it´s International House it´s good, and if that is in Seville, twice the good. Why? Because the quality of it`s teachers and methodology. The proposed cultural activities that contribute to the knowledge of cultural aspects that complement and complete the purely linguistic learning, the climate of the city, for its light, because there are many things to do in the city and near the city. It´s my 5th year coming and I hope many more to come. Thanks CLIC, I miss you already.

Janet Bell


Spanish Level Test

Take this short test to get an estimate of your level of Spanish

Dates and Prices 2017

Spanish for Seniors

Classes / Week
2599.00 €
Notes3 week price is 2 weeks senior program + 1 extra week tuition. Wine & Gastronomy: June 5th, October 9th; Art & History: May 22nd, September 25th.

So, you’re ready to embark on a Spanish course for Seniors? You have read all about it and feel this is the sort or course you’ll enjoy. Just one question left… where to do your course? Is Cadiz a good option for your Spanish course? The following points may help you to choose Cadiz as the destination for your course in Spain.

You fancy a destination that is off-the-beaten tracks

If you are one who prefers smaller cities and has a tendency to run away from destinations of mass tourism, Cadiz could definitely be the place for you. The peninsula of Cadiz counts no more than 150.000 inhabitants and has been protected from the tourist boom, especially foreign tourism, and this has made it exceptionally authentic. Do not expect people to speak to you in English or to see a menu in English in restaurants. Cadiz lives at a different rhythm and its people are more attracted to peaceful living than to making business.

You like to avoid crowded urban beaches

You would rather take a walk up and down the dunes than chase a sunbed with umbrella to rent. On the outskirts of the city, only a 10 minute bus ride from the busy city centre, Cadiz offers a 3-W beach: wild, wide and white! No beach bars, no signs, just some kites in the sky. Do not forget to bring some water and food with you.

The light and the air of Cadiz reminds you constantly that you are closer to Africa than to Madrid

The first impression of Cadiz comes with its light, the dazzling light of the South of the South as we like to call it when we refer to Cadiz.  This African bright blue, together with the colours and the smells of the city remind constantly that once in Cadiz, you are closer to Morocco than to Madrid or even to Malaga.

History is present at every corner of Cadiz

Few people know, but Cadiz is one of the oldest cities of Europe: yes, it was inhabited by the Phoenicians and has gone through several periods of history. Throughout its more than 3000 years of history, Cadiz has also gone through times of glory such as in the 18th century when it was the main Port of Spain and gateway to America. It was also the setting for the declaration of the first Constitution in Spain, the city breathed the sweet air of liberalism before any other city in Spain in 1812.

How is the Spanish 50+ course in Cadiz?

Our Spanish 50+ formula is similar to our Spanish courses for Seniors in Seville and in Malaga. The teachers have adapted the content and the activities in the classroom to mature students. The rhythm of lessons has also been tailored. What really differs are the scenery and the activities attached to the course. The cultural programme, which is a key component of the course, includes social activities such as guided walks or meals with the teacher and a series of themes or highlights that reflect the richness and character of Cadiz.

What highlights can mature students enjoy that reflect Cadiz character?

The highlight themes in Cadiz include gastronomy and wine, especially seafood, but also art and history.

International House Clic

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