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Learn Spanish at the teacher’s home in Cadiz

Study Spanish while living with your teacher – total immersion!

Lessons/Week 20 (50 min each)
Schedule Flexible
Students/Class 1-2
Levels A1-C2
Minimum age Any age
Minimum stay 1 week

Learn Spanish at a teacher’s home in Cadiz

Studying Spanish at a teacher’s home in Cadiz is the ultimate full-immersion learning experience. Living, studying and having all your meals provided in the same place, it is also a convenient and cost-effective option. It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult searching for an authentic way to learn Spanish, or a junior student looking for a welcoming family environment, where you can get to grips with studying, safe in the knowledge that your host family will take care of all your needs. Spanish at a teacher’s home in Cadiz is a course open to any kind of student and it’s definitely an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

This course is excellent if you have specific objectives you want to achieve or precise language areas you need to target with your teacher, whose time will be exclusively dedicated to you. A great option for adults and juniors who are studying away and want that extra personal touch!

Learn Spanish at Teacher's Home in Cadiz

Dates and prices

All year-round. You can start your course on any Monday.


Spanish at the teacher's home
Students Weeks Price
1 1 1312€
1 2 2365€
1 1+ 1092€

About the Spanish course


Why Cadiz?

Cadiz is a sunny, safe and fun city located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Whatever you are into, Cadiz caters for your needs. For example, if you love to hit the beach, sunbathe or do watersports, you’ll adore the fantastic unspoilt beaches. Maybe you’re a foodie and like to try fresh new food from a local market? Cadiz is famous for its fish and amazing gastronomy.

The oldest city in western Europe, it is also rich in history, architecture, culture and music. Add to that the annual carnival, the welcoming locals and the fantastic climate and you can see why Cadiz is such a popular destination. Living and studying with a fully-qualified teacher, you are guaranteed to have a good time, while improving your Spanish in a fun and ‘real’ setting!

How is this course structured?

If you decide to learn Spanish at a teacher’s home in Cadiz, the first thing we’ll ask you to do is to take a short online level test, before you arrive in Cadiz. This is a tool we use so that your teacher can see your level and start to think about preparing the right materials for when you arrive. Once you get to Cadiz, you’ll meet your teacher and their family, get to know each other and arrange a class timetable that suits you both. In addition to your classes, you’ll also be taking part in everyday life at home and are bound to pick up lots of Spanish that way too! You can also join CLIC’s weekly cultural programme which offers many daily activities where you’ll meet other students from the school, explore Cadiz, take part in sport activities and generally have a good time. 

Where do classes take place?

It really depends on the weather and on your mood! Classes are usually held at the teacher’s place, but if the weather is nice (basically every day in Cadiz) you can choose to take your class at the beach or at a café, the choice is yours!

What will my accommodation be like?

The course price includes full board accommodation. You will have your own individual room at the teacher’s house or, if you come together with a friend, you can request a double room. All the common areas, including the kitchen, are available for use at any time.

Are the class materials included?

Yes, they are. We include CLIC’s student book for this type of course, which means you don’t have to buy any extra materials. Your teacher will design the lessons based on your specific needs and pick the most fitting activities.

What kind of cultural activities does CLIC organise?

On the first day, your teacher will walk you around Cadiz and show you the main places you need to know in order not to get lost. Other than that, you have two cultural activities combined with your course which vary depending on the season. From art, culture and museums to music, food, surf and sports, there are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy! And, if you’re interested in joining an excursion or other activity, you can simply consult the cultural programme and sign up – we’ll be happy to see you!

I'm the parent of a teenager, can I be sure that my child will be looked after during this course?

Yes. We know that sending your teen abroad can be nerve racking so we make sure that they are fully taken care of from the moment they arrive in Spain. Airport transfers are included as well as full board accommodation and, if the student is under age (less than 18 y/o), they will be supervised by the responsible teacher at all times throughout their stay. If, on the contrary, you wish to give your under-aged kid more freedom to move around the city at day time, we kindly ask you to write and sign a permission document while processing the application. In any case, during CLIC’s cultural activities students are always under the supervision of our staff.

I’m an adult, is this course for me?

Totally! This is a great chance to become a member of a real Spanish family and live the authentic Spanish life! This course actually offers you more schedule flexibility than a normal extensive course and it’s far more customisable, for what concerns the content of the course itself. If you are looking to have a linguistic and cultural full immersion in Spain, this is a chance you cannot miss!

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