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Spanish Private Classes in Cadiz

Completely personalised classes for one or two students

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Lessons Minimum booking of 5 lessons (50 min each)
Schedule Flexible
Students/Class 1-2
Levels A1-C2

Spanish Private Classes in Cadiz

Our Spanish private classes in Cadiz are definitely a great way to boost your Spanish in a short time. Take fully personalised lessons and choose the days and times that best suit your schedule. Whether you want to work towards an exam, discuss a certain grammar point or just generally improve at your own pace, your teacher will be able to design the whole lesson based on your needs and focus on your weaknesses to make you improve rapidly.

These classes can be done on a one to one basis. Or you can come with another person who shares your level and objectives. Either way, our Spanish Private classes in Cadiz are a great way to get the results you want, fast. Find out more.

Spanish Private Classes in Cadiz

Dates and prices 2024

Spanish private lessons 2024
Students lessons Price
1 5 230€
1 10 460€
1 20 900€
2 5 150€
2 10 300€
2 20 580€

About the Spanish course


Why take Spanish Private Classes in Cadiz?

Cadiz is famous for its food, history, culture, beautiful beaches and well-humoured locals. It has been described as ‘the Spanish Havana’ and its architecture, proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and relaxed lifestyle make the resemblance quite clear. So, without a doubt, it is the perfect place to learn Spanish.

Additionally, you can make the most of our dedicated native teachers and fantastic facilities here in Cadiz. Our team is committed to getting you the results you’re after within the timeframe you´re available while ensuring that you have fun along the way.

What will I study with my private teacher?

This depends entirely upon you. Perhaps you have a clear objective and know what you want from your pack of 5 classes. Or maybe you just want to work at your own level on a range of general materials. Whatever your situation, we can meet your needs.

Private Classes for 1

Private Classes for 1 are the most suitable option if you like to set clear goals when learning a second language and don’t feel you’ll benefit from a group dynamic. Some students choose this route because they haven’t got enough free time on their hands and want to work efficiently with a timetable built around their schedule. Others opt for a bundle of classes to solve a specific problem they have encountered while studying in a Spanish Intensive Course. You might even select a course of Private Classes if you are living here in Cadiz and just want to improve your fluency and accuracy. Being the only student means that the teacher can focus entirely on you and your needs!

Private Classes for 2

If you want intimacy and focus but don’t feel like being alone in class, come with a friend! Spanish Private Classes for 2 are the same concept as the Private Classes for 1 but open to two students who share the same level and objectives. These classes are perfect if you want a dynamic approach that is a little less intense. It’s a great chance for both students to get a tailored lesson and target specific language areas together all while having fun.

Why are the classes in bundles of 5?

Our Spanish private classes in Cadiz are available in packages of 5 lessons, each lesson lasting 50 minutes. The minimum you can purchase is 1 package (5 lessons). This is because we feel that to really make a measurable difference and solve your issues, 5 lessons are optimal.

How do I organise a private class?

Get in touch with us, let us know your requirements, timetable and take a level test. We’ll do the rest from there!

Where do the classes take place?

That depends on you! We have state-of-the-art facilities here in our building, which we usually recommend. But if you need us to come out to an office, for example, we are open to suggestions!

Does the course include materials?

Your course doesn’t have any fixed materials as what you need depends on your objective. If your teacher thinks you will benefit from buying a book or any other materials, they will let you know.

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