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Online Spanish Course in Cadiz

Combine online materials with a real life tutor.

Online Spanish Course in Cadiz

Online Spanish Course in Cadiz

Online Spanish Course in Cadiz

There are several reasons why this course might be perfect for you. Maybe you have been studying with us here in Cadiz and want to develop your level when you go home while maintaining contact with a teacher you’ve met here? Perhaps the idea of learning Spanish appeals to you buy but you don’t have time for a regular class? Our online courses are divided into 10 modules which you can buy in two bundles of 5 modules. So, you don’t have to buy all 10 modules at the same time! The full course gives you access to 12 months of materials which means about 120-150 hours of work for you. And additionally, you’ll receive 2 pieces of written feedback and 1 telephone tutorial at the end of every unit. Sound good? Find out more.

Why should I do your Online Spanish language class and not a different one?

Firstly, there is the flexibility it offers you, to study at your own pace and from any location. Then, there are the materials. With a focus on reading, writing, speaking, listening and pronunciation, all of the materials are graded at your level to ensure you are challenged but not overwhelmed. Finally, there is the added bonus that this course includes contact with one of our expert teachers. Don’t forget, you’ll be getting 2 pieces of written feedback and one phone call of approximately 20 minutes each module to allow you to touch base and ask any questions you might have.

How is this Online Course structured?

Our course consists of 10 modules. Each module focuses on essential reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, listening and speaking skills necessary to improve at your level.

Do I need to buy all 10 modules at once?

No. There are 2 possible ways to buy the course:

Option 1- 10 modules for 12 months

The cheapest way is to buy the 10 modules together. This is 120-150 hours of material, which you’ll be able to access for 12 months at a cost of 420 euros.

Option 2 – Buy the modules in 2 x bundles of 5

There is also the option to buy the course in 2 Parts: Part A (modules 1-5) and Part B (modules 6-10). Each Part will be available for 6 months and comprises of 60-75 hours of material. If you decide to buy this way, each Part costs 230 euros.

Does the course have a time limit or deadline?

If you buy all 10 modules together, you’ll have a total of 12 months to complete everything. Should you opt to buy the Parts separately, you’ll have 6 months to compete each Part. Once you have your log in codes, you can start-anytime or anywhere!

Do I have a personal tutor?

Yes you do! As soon as you start, we will pair you with one of experienced teachers. They will be there to help you, offering written feedback and also one phone call of about 20 minutes at the end of each module. Having a personal tutor really makes this course special. They’ll keep you on track, motivated and sort out your doubts!

Will I need to buy extra materials?

No. If you want to buy supplementary materials, your tutor can recommend books and activities. But in principle the course has all you need to succeed!

We can activate the course and allocate a teacher whenever works for you. Total flexibility!

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Course Features

  • Flexible content
  • Flexible timetable
  • All ages
  • All levels to B2


What our students say


This type of course was perfect for me due to my busy schedule. It has been really effective and I could notice improvements in the language in less time than I thought. It is structured in two parts of five modules each and you also get a tutor, whom you can contact per email or phone when having problems or questions about any area of the Spanish language.

Claire Dubois



With this course you can make a good start and it can be very helpful in learning how to say sounds or words. It is great for the basics and then you can decide if its something you want to take further.

Ash Gotlieb