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Welcome to Live Online Spanish for Children & Teens Aged 9 to 14 Years Old. Now in India! 

(Tailored Spanish Learning Programs for 9-to-14-year old)

Four reasons why your children should learn Spanish to be more competitive in future 

Speaking a foreign language is one of the best ways to ensure a bright future in a highly competitive and globalized world. Giving your children the chance to learn a foreign language such as Spanish at a young age is one of the best pushes you can give them for their career. And as you know, the younger they start learning a new language, the faster they will learn.



Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world with more than 577 million users and more than 21 million students studying Spanish as a foreign language. It is the official language of 23 countries and the 2nd most spoken language in the USA with 41 million speakers. Not to mention, it is also the 2nd most used language on the Internet after English.


Learning a foreign language such as Spanish has tremendous cognitive benefits such as enhanced memory, observation-perception skills, critical thinking, decision-making capacity, problem solving skills and linguistic skills. Bilingual children’s knowledge of a foreign language gives them an added advantage of improved academic performance. Studies show that students with four or more years of foreign language study score on an average 140 points higher in SAT than students with half a year or less experience.



Compared to other European languages such as French or German, Spanish is easy for several reasons; firstly, 40% of the daily vocabulary coincides with English. Secondly, Spanish spelling is the easiest of all Latin languages: you simply write it the way you pronounce it. Thirdly, grammar is much easier than French or Italian and finally, the cordiality and openness of speakers makes it easier to practice it with anyone while travelling around any Spanish speaking countries.



Economic relations between India, Spain and Latin American countries have been rapidly growing. Spain and Latin American countries have been hubs for Indian companies in sectors such as mining, metals, agriculture, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, manufacturing and retail. On the other hand, many Spanish and Latin American countries have set up operations in India.


Extensive course

2 sessions per week. 

Monday & Wednesday: 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. IST

New Starting dates

Next Junior beginners batch commences on 20th September, 2021


Optimized group size

Average 6 and maximum 10 students per group

Gateway to DELE Escolar

This A1 level course of 80 hours makes your child eligible to take the DELE A1 Escolar Exam(Most prestigious  and internationally recognised Diploma in Spanish) See FAQ for more details. 

Interactive Methodology

Teaching methods are specially curated for young learners which include lots of interactive activities like gamification, music, theatrical techniques and cultural immersion.  

Course Material Included

Course material has been tailored for young learners and is totally included in the course. .  


“I am immensely satisfied with the Spanish class. Every time a session ends, I can’t wait for the next session to start. The teacher and her ways of teaching are amazing. She encourages asking questions and is ready to answer them. She also asks interactive questions in the class, which makes it enjoyable. It is also a socializing experience as she ensures that we talk to each other in Spanish. She uses and provides us with access to various online resources so that we can carry out independent studies. I have developed an interest in Spanish due to this class. It has motivated me to continue my learning and become more adept in the language. The class is also a lesson in punctuality as it starts at sharp 5:30 p.m., not a second before, not a second after.”I really want to continue the class”

Arahat Meshram. Billabong IS Vadodara, India

 “The Spanish classes are helping me out a lot. I always can’t wait to join the class. I have a lot of fun doing all the activities and quizzes we do in the class. CLIC Spanish classes have helped me out in Spanish a lot. I understand but I sometimes do have doubts but they are clarified. Thank you” 

Dhruva Murali Kumar, 11 years old, Candor International School, Bangalore



STEP 1 (20 HOURS) 10 weeks


STEP 2 (20 HOURS) 10 weeks


STEP 3 (20 HOURS) 10 weeks


STEP 4 (20 HOURS) 10 weeks (A1 Proficiency)

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Hola, I’m Ruchi, your local contact for Kid’s Live Online Spanish

Call me or whastapp me for a free trial and let you child learn Spanish. 

+91 9321834576

Why is it far better for your children to learn Spanish with native teachers?


Because they will learn the right pronounciation from the first minute.


Because they will be exposed to current and usual Spanish vocabulary, idioms and expressions.


Because they will learn, interact and be coached by native teachers living in Spain using the best methodology and pedagogy. 


Because they will be taught Spanish in a natural, fluid and immersive environment. 

Our children teachers, Antonio, Isabel, Piedad and Alejandro are more than just  certified native Spanish teachers. They have been teaching Spanish for years and to kids and teenagers from 35 nationalities.

¡Hola! Soy Antonio

¡Hola! Soy Antonio

32 years of experience. Loves using theatrical techniques in the class.

¿Qué tal? Soy Isabel

¿Qué tal? Soy Isabel

Teaching Spanish since 1992 to more than 50 nationalities .

¡Encantado! Yo soy Alejandro

¡Encantado! Yo soy Alejandro

Ten years of experience. Creativity and gamification guaranteed.

Namasté! Y yo soy Marta

Namasté! Y yo soy Marta

Eleven years of teaching. Brings the magic of music in her lessons.

Of course, we have a whole team ready to back you, help you in any pedagogical or admin issues and take feedback from you. 


¡Hola! I’m Ruchi

I’m from Mumbai. I’m your go-to person for all queries related to your Spanish programs. Just drop me a line or call me and I’ll be happy to help you.

(Based in India)

¡Bienvenidos! Soy Elena

I’m Spanish from Sevilla. I’ll help you with any pedagogical or admin issues. I will be in touch with you for your reports, certificates, etc.

(Based in Spain)

1) Which platforms are used for conducting classes?

Classes are conducted on Zoom and Google Classroom which are the most widely used platforms for online education. Class materials, comments, tutorials and written interaction is on Google Classroom. These platforms are safe and easy to use

2) What if my child misses a class?

Students should avoid missing classes as much as possible. However, if your child is going to miss a class, kindly send an email to the teacher at least 3 hours in advance so that the teacher can record relevant portions of the class. Your child can access the teacher through Google classroom to ask for any help.

3) Do Spanish teachers speak English?

Yes, all our teachers have a minimum B2 level in English. However, the teacher will use English occasionally to help students but will avoid doing so for methodological reasons and in order to boost the students’ listening skills

4) What is DELE Escolar?

DELE Escolar is a Spanish diploma which is an official qualification accrediting the degree of competence and command of the Spanish language, granted by Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministry of Education and professional Training of Spain. DELE Escolar and DELE for Adults are the most prestigious and internationally recognized official certifications in Spanish worldwide. This course enables students to appear for the DELE Escolar A1 exam. (DELE Exam fees are not included in this course). Please get in touch with us for further information.

5) How can I check the progress of my child in Spanish

You can check with Ruchi or Elena anytime in order to get some feedback from the teacher. On the other hand, you will receive a report and the certificate at the end of each step 

6) Will classes be conducted on public holidays?

There are several public holidays in Spain as well as India. Classes will be carefully scheduled by taking in to account holidays in both countries.

7) Is there an additional advantage if my child studies with CLIC?

Firstly, CLIC IH is an institute accredited by Instituto Cervantes which means it follows the highest standards and quality of Spanish teaching. Secondly, you can send your child to any one of our 3 campuses in Spain (Sevilla, Cadiz & Malaga) for an immersion program and avail a discount of 15% on courses, accommodation and other activities.

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