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Spanish Language School Cadiz SIELE Exam

SIELE Exam Courses in Cadiz

Our SIELE exam course is designed for anyone who’s preparing to sit the SIELE exam and wants to use our expert teachers to say “adiós” to those worries, doubts and questions!

Do you know what the SIELE exam is? SIELE stands for Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española. Basically, SIELE is an internationally recognised official certification of your Spanish level. It is certified by the Instituto Cervantes and has quickly become a popular alternative to the DELE exam.

The SIELE is held in high esteem around the world and is really popular among students who are applying to university programmes in Spain and Latin America. So, what are you waiting for? This course will give you all the tips and tricks you need to succeed on the day!

Why Cadiz?

The sun? The sea? The people? Maybe the watersports that are so easily accessible from beautiful city beaches? Or the fantastic food and drink available at brilliant prices? Perhaps the culture, museums or music? Or could it be our great school with its reputation for quality and dedication? There are millions of reasons why you might choose to study with us in Cadiz and all of them are good!

How is the exam and the course structured?

The SIELE exam has 4 parts: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. You can either take all 4 parts at once and receive your certificate after you finish, or you can sit the exam in individual parts and receive a report on how you did for that one part*. Once you have received your certificate, it will last for 2 years. The main objective of the SIELE exam preparation courses in Cadiz is to help students get familiar with the exam’s structure, learn how to work within tight timeframes on the day and the best strategies to get the best possible results. This course is not aimed at improving your Spanish level (although that might happen along the way!). What we want to do is teach you the key exam techniques and how to best use the Spanish knowledge that you already have to pass your exam. At the end of the course, you’ll be given a mock exam so that you can get a feel for the real thing! *At CLIC Cadiz, we can only offer the full exam at this time.

DELE vs SIELE? What would be the best exam for me?

There are quite a few differences between DELE and SIELE. To begin with, SIELE is 100% computer-based, which means it’s a lot less intimidating as there will only be you and the computer in the room. Also, the SIELE exam is not split into different levels. All students take one universal test and from that, their level is determined. C1 is the maximum level you can obtain, which is why so many students take this exam as proof of their Spanish level for university applications. SIELE contains Spanish from countries outside of Spain, so you will be tested on more international Spanish. It is also worth noting that the SIELE exam is separated into 4 sections which can be taken independently. So, for example, if you do really well in 3 sections but poorly in one of them, you only need to redo that one part. DELE, on the other hand, is pass or fail for the entire exam. You should also receive your results much quicker with SIELE (3 weeks maximum!). Sounds good?

When do classes take place?

Classes run from Monday to Thursday from 17:30 to 19:10 and your course can start any Monday from 3rd of February and last as many weeks as you need. The exam will take place at the end of each course.

Is the class material included in the course price?

Yes. All the class materials, including the mock exam, are included in the course. But the price to sign up and sit the exam is not included and has to be paid separately.

Anything else I should know?

If you felt like you needed a bit of a boost to your general Spanish level, you could always combine this course with one of our Intensive Spanish Courses. Preparing an exam will need hard work on your part. But, with CLIC Cadiz, you’re in good hands!

SIELE Online
Weeks Price
1 139€
2 269€
Dates: 10/01/2022

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Course Features

  • 8 Lessons per week (50 min each)
  • Class schedule: 17:30 – 19:10
  • 3 to 8 students per class
  • Levels available: A2 – C1
  • Minimum age: 17
  • Minimum stay 1 week


What our students say

I think my teacher was great, especially as she had to cope with very different levels of conversation. I am Brazilian and my main concern in the first day of class was that I would be bored, as I had a very good understanding of all conversation and reading materials. However, I had very little grammar, as I had never studied Spanish in a formal way. The teacher was able to keep the classes interesting and showed us all the necessary skills and methods to get the diploma. Thank you CLIC!



I was also extremely impressed with Alejandro. He created a dynamic and fun classroom which was supportive and encouraging to all his students. Additionally, he was able to connect very quickly with each of his students and build rapport. We all felt motivated and secure in doing the official exam.

Hiromi Funabashi