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Spanish for Foodies in Cadiz

Love food, love language, looking for an adventure? On our Foodies course, you’ll practise your Spanish, discover delicious dishes and work in the kitchen with pros!

Spanish for Foodies

Spanish for foodies in Cadiz

Experience the techniques and flavours of Spanish gastronomy first hand, at the same time as picking up or brushing up your Spanish language! This completely practical course will have you studying language in the morning and getting to grips with gastronomy in the 

First, you will be put through your paces with dynamic Spanish classes from 9:15 to 10:55 every day. Then, you’ll be working with specially selected professional chefs who’ll help you explore the flavours and techniques that make Spanish cuisine so renowned from 12:00 til 14:00. This being a hands on course, you’ll be actually preparing dishes and working with your language skills 

And, obviously, we want you to get out and discover our culture and the amazing city that is Cadiz! So, your course includes activities such as wine-tasting, an Andalusian traditional confectionery workshop, a walking tour and visits to local producers of our famous sherry, wine, chocolate and so much more.

How many hours of class will I have per week?

Every day you’ll have Spanish language classes in the morning from 9:15 until 10:55 and your cookery class will be ever day in the afternoon from 12:00 until 14:00. In your cookery classes you’ll be getting to know about taste, flavour combinations and we will even take you out to the markets and show you how people buy their food here as well as tonnes of other activities. By the end of the course you will know all about the specialities of our region.

Is there an example of the programme for the course?

There sure is! Check it out here:

How long does the course last for?

You can choose between 1 and 2 weeks for our Spanish for Foodies course. Each week is totally independent and activities do not overlap. So, it really is down to you to choose how many weeks you want to spend here with us.

Will I have time to get to know Cadiz?

Of course! In addition to the activities that come as a part of your course, you can also enjoy others from our cultural programme.
And don’t forget, you do get some free time just to get out and about and see Cadiz and it really is worth it!
We even offer an extra optional trip to closeby Jerez for those who want to explore a little further afield.

Who is going to join you on your Spanish for foodies journey?

The main team for this course are:

Love for the kitchen: Maru Rodriguez

Maru’s love for the kitchen is contagious. Her unique approach to cooking and her passion for creating a great recipe will show you how to make each dish a pleasure for the senses.

Activities: Jesus Gomez

Jesus is here to make your stay as smooth as possible. He organising events such as wine-tasting, and visits to the wine cellars. If you have any questions, he’s your man!

Love of language: Isabel Altamirano

Isabel loves helping you explore Spanish language and culture. Her years of experience make her the ideal teacher for your Spanish for Foodies course here in Cadiz.

What if I don’t know my Spanish level?

Before you start your classes, we need to make sure you’re at the right level. You’ll be sent a link to an online Spanish test before your course starts. Then, on your first day here at CLIC Cadiz, you’ll have a friendly interview with one of our Spanish teachers to assess not only your Spanish level but also your goals for studying with us. This will allow us to place you in a language class that will challenge you but not overwhelm you.

One week costs €355 and 2 weeks costs €695. These prices include cookery classes, Spanish classes and all the activities on the programme, plus the sign up fee. The only thing that is an extra is the course book. The price of this will be confirmed once we know your level.

Important Information

Spanish books are not included in the price of the course. They’re approximately €20 per level.

Spanish for foodies
Weeks Price
1 390€
2 640€
Dates: 21/03/2022

Don’t know your Spanish level? Take this quick test and find out.

Course Features

  • 1 or 2 week courses
  • 10 Spanish lessons per week (50 mins each)
  • 5 cookery classes per week (2 hours per class)
  • Class schedule: Spanish 9:15 to 10:55, cookery 12:00 to 14:00
  • 4 guided afternoon/evening activities per week
  • Optional weekend activities
  • 6 to 10 students per class
  • All levels available
  • Minimum age 17
  • Minimum stay 1 week