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Spanish for Foodies – Cooking Spanish course in Cadiz

Would you like to practice your Spanish while you learn to cook with professionals?

Now you can do it with CLIC Cadiz on our Spanish for Foodies programme, a course for people interested in both cooking and the Spanish language. Do a Cooking Spanish course in Cadiz with us!

Dates (2023) March 20
April 17
October 2
November 6
Prices* 335€ (1 week)
695€ (2 weeks)


Dates (2024) March 4
April 8
September 30
November 4
Prices* 430€ (1 week)
705€ (2 weeks)

*These prices include cooking classes, Spanish classes, all activities on the programme and the sign-up fee.

What can Spanish for Foodies offer you?

Download the class syllabus and activities as a PDF.


This programme is designed so the students can experience first hand the flavours and techniques of Spanish gastronomy, all the time combining it with a practical course in Spanish.

Cook away!

It’s a completely practical course in which the participants prepare, along with our chefs, different dishes in each class and enjoy both gastronomic and cultural activities.


Here at CLIC we see gastronomy as something that goes beyond the confines of the kitchen and gives us a different perspective on life. This is reflected in our programme.

And finally, have fun!

Our mix of Spanish and cooking lessons guided by professionals will ensure that your stay in Cadiz is a memorable one.

Who’s going to join you on your Spanish for Foodies journey?

Maru Rodríguez

Maru Rodríguez

Love for the kitchen

Maru’s love for the kitchen is contagious. Her unique approach to cooking and her passion for creating a great recipe will show you how to make each dish a pleasure for the senses.

Jesús Gómez

Jesús Gómez


Jesus is here to make sure your stay in Cadiz is as smooth as possible. He organises wine-tasting events and visits to wine cellars. If you have any questions, he’s your man!

Isabel Altamirano

Isabel Altamirano

Spanish teacher

Isabel loves helping our students while they learn the Spanish language and its culture. Her years of experience means that she’s the ideal person to solve any problems you may have.

What you’ll do on our programme Spanish for Foodies


You’ll learn


You’ll experiment


You’ll have fun

Spanish course for Foodies

What do they say about the Spanish for Foodies course?

Marie Bouchard, France

The perfect mix! You practice Spanish in the kitchen and learn to cook in Spanish. The teachers are so friendly and they’re really eager to share their culture with us.

Anna Weber, Germany

What I liked the most was being able to share 2 weeks with people from all over the world who all had the same interests as me, Spanish culture and food! Maru was fantastic in the kitchen, I was so jealous!

Chris Williamson, United Kingdom

I already knew about CLIC because of their Spanish classes, but the new Spanish for Foodies programme really surprised me. The activities were the most enjoyable. I’ll be back soon I’m sure!

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