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French course for children

Do you want your children to study French as a third language? According to predictions, it’s a good idea. In 2050 there will be about 847 million Francophones worldwide. This increase in the use of French comes mainly from Africa. The African continent, in full economic and demographic development, will once again make French one of the most spoken languages in the world.

French has begun to rise in popularity in schools and other institutions although the offerings and quality are still modest, especially compared to English. For many children, French is already a school subject, in addition to English. Our courses are just 1.5 hours per week, just enough not to overload children with more homework.

Are French classes a Good investment for my children?

Speaking French in the 21st century will give your child an advantage, not only because of the 847 million French speakers worldwide but also because most of these hundreds of millions of Francophones will be in Africa, the protagonist of the next boom of global economic development. Companies around the world, spanning across industries, will invest billions, and they’ll be looking for professionals who speak French.

What should a Good French course for children look like?

The same as a good English course, basically. It should be taught by a Francophone teacher who communicates with children in native and correct French from the beginning. What else? The teacher and academy should have with children, providing the appropriate material resources for children to learn French in a fun and natural way, without putting an extra burden on them.

Are we really as good as they say?

If you still have any questions about who your teachers will be, we invite you to get to know them a little better.

What will your children do in French class?

The dynamics are the same as in other educational environments, the only difference being that they will learn in French. Play, draw, sing – yes, and in French. They will also do it with a teacher who is fluent in the language and speaks it perfectly. At all times, the teacher will look for ways to motivate children with fun activities.

Who will be teaching French classes to the children?

The French teachers who work at CLIC are bilingual in Spanish and French and have a minimum of 3 years of experience in teaching French to children. They use a mixture of books, games and various teaching methods. They often create their own materials for classes. Our young learners’ teachers also have done specific training required by the International House for teachers of children: the IHCYLT, an acronym for the International House Certificate for Young Learners. The director of studies, for their part, regularly analyzes French classes and teachers to ensure the smooth development of the course as well as the children’s progress.

French courses for children
Hours 65h
Duration (months) 9 Months
Weekly hours 2h
Start date 21/09/2020
End date 11/06/2021
Days Monday and Wednesday
Tuesday and Thursday
Schedule Afternoon
Prices 465€ (Full)
165€ (3 payments)
60€ (monthly)

Course Features

  • 45 hours total
  • 9 months of class
  • Groups of 5 to 10 children
  • 1.5 hour class (1 day per week)
  • For children 7 years old and up