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English Summer Camp in Cadiz

This summer, your children can live, study, and play in English with new friends.

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International English Camp.

July and August
(13 years old and up)

English Camp in Cadiz is a place where teenagers from different nationalities live together sharing the same goal: to learn and improve their English. The English Camp in Cadiz promotes friendship and bonds among young people from Spain, France, Russia, Poland, and many other countries.

The program is designed to have the teenagers practicing English all day thanks to:

  • Morning classes taught by native English-speaking teachers
  • Sporting and leisure activities in the afternoon guided by monitors (surf, kayak, beach volleyball, comic workshops, and more)
  • Activities in student housing in the evening.

Since English is the language of communication between the campers, they will spontaneously and naturally find that their expression and understanding of English improves considerably throughout their time at camp. At the same time, they will discover that language learning can enrich their lives and friendships.

The English Camp in Cadiz guarantees:

  • Native English-speaking teachers who are certified and experienced in teaching teenagers.
  • Centrally-located, comfortable, and high-quality housing (a double room with a private bathroom).
  • A balanced and healthy diet.
  • A service of camp monitors who ensure the safety of the participants during the program.

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Download the camp’s information packet.

Dates, Prices, and Additional Services

Parents can bring their children on the first Sunday of the program between 11:00am and 2:00pm. Pick-up at the end of camp is the final Sunday between 11:00am and 2:00pm. For other dates and times, please contact the office.

English International Summer camp residence
Weeks Price
1 849€
2 1528€
3 2315€
4 2912€
Dates: 06/07/2020, 13/07/2020, 20/07/2020, 27/07/2020
Last day: 31/07/2020

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What our students say

It was an enriching experience for my children because they learned to be more autonomous and to interact with young people from other cultures. They’ll be back next year!

Juan Diego Roldán Vazquez

Father of camper

What I liked best were the activities and being able to spend time in the student residence with my friends. I want to keep practicing English so I can visit my friend in England next year.

David Casas Moreno

Student - camper