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Finally, an official English certification that is fast, flexible, and inexpensive! Available in Cadiz and Seville.

LanguageCert International ESOL is a set of official English language exams that was designed to comply with strict quality standards. The exam was created with modern language needs and real communicative situations in mind. The CLIC International House schools in Cadiz and Seville are official examination centers for LanguageCert exams.

What is the LanguageCert exam like?

This is a very practical and comfortable option for level certification for students. The exam is divided into two parts Written (Reading/Writing/Listening) and Spoken (Speaking). You can take both parts in the same exam session or separately. The oral exam is done individually, and the interviewer records it. The idea is that the student will feel more relaxed without the examiner in the room. You will get a certificate for each part. 

Why LanguageCert?

There are plenty of reasons! In addition to being an internationally recognized certification, LanguageCert offers rates that are much more affordable than its competition. LanguageCert is recognized by the Junta de Andalucía and by ACLES. The exam format doesn’t require very much extra preparation time. And, finally, the results are available in just a couple of weeks! 

Preparation Resources and Materials

If you would like to do specific preparation for the exam, you can take practice tests. Click on this link to access preparation materials.

LanguageCert for Academies and Educational Centres

If you direct a language academy or educational centre, you can offer your students a new service by becoming a Registration Centre. What are the benefits of being a Registration Centre?
Your educational centre will have the accreditation of Registration Centre, distinguishing it from other academies. Additionally, you can offer a new and alternative exam to students who are looking for just that. The LanguageCert format allows you to offer short courses too, ideal for students who cannot take, or aren’t interested in, longer-term courses. Exams can be organized in your facilities according to student demand.

Academic overview of the exam

I want to be a LanguageCert partner

LanguageCert announcement
Level Exam date Registration date
B1, B2, C1 23/03/2019
Until 15 days before

About the Course

  • Internationally recognized certification
  • Sign-up allowed up to 10 days before the exam
  • Affordable rates
  • Exam pass mark is 50%
  • Student receives marks within 2 weeks


What our students say

A very good and modern school with excellent facilities and teachers. It was great to have my results in just a couple of weeks because I needed to prove my level to get a scholarship. 

Matías Sánchez

University student

I loved the course, not only for the way of giving classes, but for their patience and good humor when it comes to teaching. I will continue next year without a doubt. Thanks CLIC!

Raquel Gómez