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A1-A2 English: English courses for adults – beginner and elementary

Whether you have never studied English before or you have some basic knowledge of the English language, we encourage you to try out these courses. Do you still feel panic when you find yourself in an English-speaking situation? It’s time to calm your nerves!

With A1 and A2 classes, you’ll experience fast results, and you will learn how to express yourself in English without getting nervous. You will finally be able to understand many song lyrics, maintain conversations, chat in English with clients or acquaintances, and understand how to maneuver various websites. By the time you finish A2, English will no longer sound foreign to your ear.

Who will be your teacher, and how can they help you?

Firstly, your teacher will be English-speaking, though, as you are likely already aware, just being British isn’t enough to teach the language of Shakespeare. In fact, English teaching often requires more pedagogical knowledge than linguistic knowledge. So your teacher will know rules, but also have tricks up their sleeves. Your teacher will be equipped with strategies that will help you improve your English. Your professor has obtained a CELTA or a DELTA certification. These are rigorous courses that are a prerequisite for teaching English here at CLIC.

Who will your classmates be?

You might feel a bit insecure about your English. But don’t worry! Almost everyone feels this way in beginner and elementary language courses. Your classmates, like you, will have to take an oral and written English test to carefully determine their levels. At CLIC, your classmates are in your group because their level is similar to yours. We don’t force multi-level groups; rather, we do our best to ensure that groups are well-selected. Each class has between 4 and 10 students. But in elementary levels, it is unusual to have a class with more than 8 students. This is why we are so insistent that our students take level tests. Schedule your level test here for free, with no commitment required.

Intensive or extensive? Which type, of course, should I choose?

Choosing your course depends on your schedule, your motivations, and whether or not you need to learn English quickly. Intensive courses allow you to advance more quickly. They extend over 12 weeks instead of the whole academic year, as is the case for extensive courses that go from October to June.

English courses A1-A2
Intensive Extensive Private classes
Duration (months) 1 9 -
Weekly hours 10h 5h -
Start date October October -
End date June June -
Days Monday to Friday Tuesday and Thursday
Monday and Wednesday
Schedule Morning
Prices 195€ (4 Weeks) 75€ (Monthly)
195€ (3 Times)
560€ (Full Payment)
29,50€ (1h)
265,50€ (10h)
472€ (20h)

Course Features

  • Free conversation classes
  • Flexible schedule
  • For all ages
  • Groups ranging from 4 to 10 students
  • Methodology of 100% English in the classroom


What our students say

I hadn’t studied English since I was in high-school and I was embarrased to start again as an adult. However, I felt really comfortable from the beginning. The teacher helped a lot and she made the group feel confident to speak without feeling embarrased. 

Ernesto Sánchez

Estate agent

I loved the course, not only for the way of giving classes, but for their patience and good humor when it comes to teaching. I will continue next year without a doubt. Thank you very much Elaine!

Ana Gómez