Spanish Language Schools in Spain located in Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga

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From the second day you are thrown in and find yourself teaching English. It sounds terrifying but the tutors are really good, they help prepare you for the lesson. I really enjoyed it, the students understood me and I felt great at the end.

That was the beginning. So what’s a typical day like? We start with a class, or input session, with one of our tutors on an aspect of teaching – lesson planning, what to include in reading or listening lessons, how to teach vocabulary and grammar, how to help students to improve pronunciation, how to correct our students and so on. The tutors teach in the style we should teach our lessons so you learn! Then lesson planning time with advice and help from our tutor. Then classes with local students from Seville, all adults. That’s the bit I enjoy most. Then lunch followed by feedback from my peers and tutors which really helped me to know my strong and weak points and build on these. Then a second input session with a tutor. Finally, either home or stay at school a bit longer to plan my next lesson. We had to complete 4 written pieces of work, assignments, all very practical and useful in helping us to become good teachers.

The teacher-student dynamic and atmosphere created at CLIC was awesome.

Overall – fantastic!

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