Author: Scott Donald

Improving the speaking skill through pairwork

For many people, the best way to learn a new language is obvious – go and live in a country where that language is spoken. Unfortunately, for many people, this is also a hugely impractical solution. This is part of the reason why immersion courses, where only the second language is being spoken in class, have become so popular. Essentially, from the moment you enter the classroom, you are part of a microcosm in which the second language is the only way to communicate. The classroom is like a tiny embassy. It’s a little London, a mini-Madrid, a piece...

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Doing the Delta

Doing the CELTA course was one of the most fun and challenging experiences I’ve ever had. I had no experience prior to doing it, and I learned so much in such a short period of time. I left the course highly motivated, ready to teach and prepared to further develop my knowledge and skills. In the next few years, I learned a lot from my classes, my mentors, and the colleagues in the staff room. However, it became clear that often the people who were able to help me the most, had all done something called ‘the DELTA course.’...

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