Spanish Language Schools in Spain located in Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga

International House Clic

Spanish + Football in Seville

Have fun and play football whilst learning Spanish!

Spanish courses for Juniors in Seville

Spanish Summer Football Camp for Teenagers

Given the runaway success of Sevilla F.C. and Real Betis in recent years, CLIC, together with a new partner, Sur Cup, are now offering this amazing programme in Seville! This programme includes an intensive Spanish course and a full football experience. This option is open to individual students who will have the opportunity to play and train with high profile professionals.


20 lessons of 50 mins per week

A varied activity programme + full day excursion

A guided tour through a Football Stadium

2 training kits

Host family double room full board


Ages 13 to 17


Duration 2-4 weeks

Starting Dates: July 2nd, July 9th.

Last day of class July 27th


A1 to C1 levels

6 to 12 students per class

Leisure and Activity Programme

There is a series of leisure, sport and training sessions set every afternoon, from matches or visits through Football Stadiums of Sevilla FC and Betis to excursions at the weekends. Here is an example of a week studying at Clic:


09.15-13.00: Spanish lessons
16.30-19.00: Orientation walk to discover the city!
Spanish language students enjoying Seville


09.15-13.00: Spanish lessons
16.00-17.30: Visit to Plaza de España
18.30-19.30: Football training session with Sur Cup


09.15-13.00: Spanish lessons
16.30-18.00: Visit to Sevilla FC or Betis Football Stadium
18.00-19.00: Football match


09.15-13.00: Spanish lessons
17.00-18.30: Visit to Real Alcázar palace
20.00-22.00: Football match
The giralda in Seville


09.15-13.00: Spanish lessons
16.00-18.00: Spanish movie afternoon
Spanish Course for Juniors


Saturday: Surf excursion to Cádiz!
Sunday: Day off with the host family

Accommodation: Host family

Selected caring and experienced Spanish host families Junior students are placed with carefully selected host families, all located within 20 minutes walking distance from the school. The Spanish families host young learners in double rooms, shared with a student from a different country and it is full board.

Full board

Bed Linen and Towels Provided

Wifi Internet

Spanish Level Test

Take this short test to get an estimate of your level of Spanish

Dates and Prices 2018

Summer Football Camp for Teenagers

Classes / Week
21335.00 €
31815.00 €
42290.00 €
Starting Dates: July 2nd, 9th. Last day: July 27th. 2018
Price includes: 20 lessons of Spanish per week, course material, city walk, a guided tour through Football Stadiums of Sevilla FC and real Betis, training and friendly Matches, training sessions with Surcup trainers, 2 training kits, full day excursion on Saturday, accident and health insurance, shared room full board with Spanish host family at max. 20 min. walking distance.
International House Clic

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