Author: Frederic Parrilla

Spanish course for senior in Spain.

Are you over 50 and planning to take up Spanish or just improve your language skills. A Spanish language course for seniors may be an excellent option for you if you are aged over 50. Before you take the plunge, however, do see if your needs match those outlined below. You love learning and speaking foreign languages… and Spanish is one of them. You find pleasure in being able to communicate in other languages, the idea of being able to produce words and sentences in a foreign language is hugely motivating.  You are not aiming at becoming bilingual, but yes,...

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Need another reason to choose Cadiz for your next Spanish course?

Cadiz is becoming increasingly popular among foreign tourists and students. The city possesses a very unique charm due to its history, its similarities with South America and its proximity to Africa. The Cadiz coastline is one of the only ones in Spain that has avoided the tourism boom. It is still possible to see Roman Ruins and fabulous anachronisms such as cows peacefully grazing a few feet away from the shore. Here are 5 reasons that makes Cadiz a surfer’s paradise: – The beaches in the province of Cadiz are regarded as some of the best beaches in Spain...

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10 tips for a successful Spanish internship

Doing an internship in Spain leads to a series of doubts and questions which we try to answer here under through 10 tips: 1) Clearly define your language and professional goals. Don´t be either too ambitious or completely ambitionless. The key is to be realistic. 2) Do not plan an internship in Spain without testing your spoken and written level of Spanish. If necessary, take a recovery course in Spanish before the start of your internship. 3) Write your CV and cover letter in Spanish. It should be short, to the point and expose clearly what your skills and...

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