Author: Dasha Polygalova

Arabisms in Spanish

As anthropologists look for coins and pieces of clay, linguists analyze texts and search for words. Then linguists rend words to pieces, argue, make theories and finally return a verdict: «This word was loaned». When you speak Spanish, you probably do not suspect that sometimes you also speak Arabic. Even in simple conversations, you use the words far from Latin origin. How did these words creep into Spanish? Al-Andalus. Let us go back to the Spain of the 7th century. That was a dark time: Hispania, ruled by German tribes, formed part of the Visigoth Kingdom. Divided by intrigues...

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Are you a Cronopio, a Fama or an Esperanza..?

Famas, Cronopios and Esperanzas are three types of personalities created by an Argentinian writer Julio Cortzázar and which can be easily found in our every day life. Famas, exact and pedantic, well-organised, always know what is right and wrong. They don’t like surprises and prefer to have control over everything. Cronopios, on the contrary, are romantic dreamers, able to find poetry and enthusiasm in everything. Esperanzas are in between. They keep hope, but prefer tried and tested paths. Today marks the 102nd anniversary of the birth of Julio Cortázar. Although it is not a round number, we still see it...

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Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si…

21 de junio es el el primer día del verano en el hemisferio norte, que a su vez es el primer día del invierno en el hemisferio sur. ¡Pero también es la Fiesta Internacional de la Música! Te preparamos la siguiente prueba. ¿Crees que eres capaz de decir los nombres de estos instrumentos musicales en español?...

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Feria is in the air!

Feria is probably the most anticipated time of the year in Seville. The Fair Ground is a riot of color with music playing and marques full of beautifully dressed women. Each feria item has its own name. Do you think you know all of them? Take our quiz and discover!     Dasha Polygalova Marketing y promotions, Clic IH Sevilla We recomend you to take a look at other contributions from Dasha to this...

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