Author: Blanca Roters

We love accents!

A foreign accent is a clue to spot the student’s linguistic background and culture. Although some students have more difficulties than others getting rid of their accent, this is no reason why people studying Spanish should be obsessed by their accent because, among other reasons; accents are beautiful and make people unique, diverse and unforgettable. Accents have the magic power to generate a whole series of romantic, funny and inspiring sensations. Spanish teachers are used to foreign accents and can easily spot the origin of their students by simply listening for a few seconds. The average amount of nationalities...

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The Swiss reporter, Artur Vogel, tells us about his experience learning Spanish in Seville

Der Journalist Artur Vogel aus der Schweiz, schreibt ein Artikel in der Bund Berner-Zeitung und erzählt von seiner Erfahrung bei uns in CLIC. Wann kommen Sie uns besuchen? Klicken Sie bitte auf das Photo, um den Artikel zu lesen. Blanca Roters Marketing, Clic IH We recomend you to take a look at other contributions from Blanca to this...

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First hand experience of a Brit learning Spanish in Seville (3/4)

The 6 week Spanish course has nearly come to an end and our reporter is almost set to move on after improving and taking her Spanish to another level. Furthermore, she has earned more than that, since she has a wide vision of the Spanish culture, visiting different cities in Andalusia and understanding the diversity and beauty of our cities from when the Arabics stayed in the Iberian Peninsula. In her own words: “the level of grammar has really ramped up this week”. To find out more about the experience of a student that has almost finish her 6...

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